Part 44 - Don't Take Your Guns to Town

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SKYLAB WAS WAITING by the Phetchkasem Road, opposite and just south of Market Village, the shopping centre. A car pulled up, and Skylab jumped in. The new friends greeted and settled for the short ride.

"Ten minutes and we'll be there, I must pop home first to collect my Glock," said the girl with the scar.

"No worries, I'm looking forward to this little adventure. You won't forget about my final lesson?" asked Skylab.

Hla said, "Yes, the final lesson it will be."

Skylab knew Thai was not Hla's mother tongue but was puzzled by her reply. She checked her phone again, and sure enough, there were messages from Kev and Gatts.

"They can wait," she thought to herself.

They chatted about everything and nothing for the rest of the trip to Hla's home.

"Christ Gatts, where the hell is she?" asked a panicky Kev.

"Look we know she'll be at the range later, shall we wait there? Or do you want me to get the guys to search now?"

"No, leave it, she's just trying to annoy me by not answering her phone."

"What did you row about that has caused all this?" asked Gatts.

"It was about the money wasted on this damn gun. Come on, let's have a coffee at the range and wait for her."

"Good plan, don't worry. She probably had a great girl's night out, lovely meal, big laughs, she'll be relaxed and smiling when we see her."


"Where are we going?" asked Skylab.

"Round the corner, up here is my house, come inside, it may take me a while to get my gun from the safe."

"Will we have enough time before my lesson?"

"Sure. At least you'll know where I live," said Hla.

Hla unlocked the front door, and Skylab followed her in. The hallway was tidy, then Skylab noticed men's shoes.

The girls entered the kitchen as Skylab said, "You never mentioned a boyfriend or husband?"

"Didn't I?"

A voice from behind said, "We are not married."

Skylab froze, she knew that voice.

"This coffee is the worst I've ever had," said Gatts as he inspected the range's chipped cup.

The place was quiet, nobody was shooting, and just the shop sales girl and the instructor having a cosy chat.

"Hi, guys. Want to book?" he asked.

"No, we are waiting for Skylab," said Gatts.

He checked his army issue watch, "She should be here soon, I can start her lesson straight away if you're in a rush?"

"Thanks that would be nice," said Kev as he strolled around looking at the pictures on the notice board.

Then he remembered.

"Gatts, she has a tracker on her phone!"

"You've just remembered?" said Gatts.

"Yeah, I installed it when we bought it, never needed to use it," he said as he grabbed for his phone.

"Now, what do I do?" he mumbled.

Gatts was of no help.

"There, I think that's it."

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