Chapter 15

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"Should we ring the bell, or knock, or..." Rhys cut me off with a chuckle:

"You know I live in this house, right, Riley?" He reached for the door handle. "We'll just walk in."

"Walk in," I muttered, taking in a deep breath and wiped my left palm in my jeans; the right one was clutching the wine bottle tightly.

"Riley," Rhys' free hand encircled my wrist. "You look amazing and they'll love you," he said gently and leaned forward to kiss me. I closed my eyes, enjoying this brief comforting gesture. "Are you ready?" He murmured next to my mouth and I nodded.

Rhys straightened up and led me inside.

"We're here," he shouted once we were in the hallway. "Give me that." He took the wine and put in on a corner table, before helping me out of my jacket; he placed the clothing on a hanger, next to his.

"In the kitchen," a woman's voice had replied. I took the wine and we followed the sound. Wooden cabinets filled the room we walked in, some with glass allowing me to see the neatly stored china inside, others hiding their content. A round table, again from wood, was laden with different meals and salads and a few large, plastic bottles of sodas. A woman with white streaks in her light brown, almost golden hair was diligently mashing potatoes in a large bowl.

"There you two are," she greeted us with a smile which reached her eyes, the same color as Rhys'.

"Hey, mom," he kissed her on the cheek and pushed a strand of hair which had escaped from her bun behind her ear. "Riley," he moved aside so there was nothing between me and his parent, "this is my mom, Jacquetta Flemings."

"Hello, Mrs. Flemings." I offered my wine-free hand to her. She placed the bowl on a counter and shook it.
"Jackie. No need for formalities," she assured me. "Is that for me?"

"Oh... Yes," I handed her the bottle. "Rhys said you like it."

She twisted her neck to look at her son, a smirk coming on her face.

"So you told Riley what I like, but you didn't think to ask him what he wanted for dinner?" The woman reprimand, but her tone was soft. "He did say you share a taste for tart cherry juice so we stocked on that," she was back to talking to me.

"Overstocked, you mean." Kennedy slipped into the room and once again I was stricken by the color of his blinkers. "She made me buy four bottles. Four." He reached to take a slice of ham, but his mom slapped his arm lightly.

"Wash your hands first, young man."

"It's not like you actually carried the bottles," a male voice I'd never heard before commented and I turned towards the doorway. The man who stood there looked a lot like Rhys but about twenty-five or thirty years older. One other thing set him apart from his second eldest son - a set of bright blue eyes; they were so much like Kennedy's, except they shone not with mischief, but with age and maturity.

"We brought them with the car," he said and I wondered what he was talking about until his youngest child replied, before turning the tap off after washing his hands:

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