"Are you saying Cupid killed them?"

"He, or she, went to great lengths to make sure his arrows struck where he wanted them to."

"Kind of hard to fall in love when you're dead."

"It's just a theory, Bill."

"Well that's the case, this Cupid's arrows are deadly."


"If you put a single scratch on this car...," she could hear her father saying, "...you won't drive again until you are eighteen. Do you understand, young lady?"

Julie Wainwright tried to remember all the rules of the road as she maneuvered her Porsche toward her high school. Hands at ten and two. Check your mirrors. Watch your speed. Watch for other cars trying to merge in.

Next to her, her BFF Lily Dayton was rocking away to a tune on her IPod. Julie's dad forbid her from listening to music while driving. That didn't mean Lily couldn't do so. Next to her, Julie tried to remain focused on the road and ignore Lily's wild gyrations. She only had the car for two weeks, a seventeenth birthday present from her parents. The thought of losing it until she was eighteen was more then she could imagine.

"So had Johnny asked you to the Winter Dance yet?" Lily asked removing the earbuds.

"No," Julie answered as she checked her side mirror.

"Are you going to ask him?" Julie turned on her turn signal as she merged over into the turning lane into the school parking lot.


"Why not? He's cute and from what I hear, he has the hot for you."

"But I don't have the hots for him." Julie steered the Porsche into the parking lot. "He's cute alright, but I need to concentrate on school. I need that scholarship if I'm going to go to an Ivy League school.

"Maybe Jason Brooks will ask you to the dance?"

"Jason?" Julie turned to Lily. "Are you crazy? I'd rather die than go to the dance with that jerk." Lily started to laugh as Julie eyed a parking spot a few cars down. Her eyes suddenly opened in horror.

"Look out!" Lily screamed as a jet black pick up suddenly cut in front of the Porsche and whipped into the empty spot. Julie slammed on the brakes. The car came to a sudden stop throwing the two girls against their seat belts. Forgetting to depress the clutch, Julie stalled the Porsche. "Speaking of the jerk."

Jason Brooks was the school jock. Star football player. Star basketball player. Starting pitcher for the school's state champion baseball team. Most of the girls around town were in love with him.

Not Julie and Lily. Jason and his buddy, Kyle, were constantly causing trouble around the school. Because Jason was the local hero, most people overlooked their antics as youthful hijinks. Julie saw Jason as an egotistical jerk though Lily secretly liked Kyle.

Kyle was more of a follower. He had become friends with Jason when Jason's truck broke down. A mechanical genius, Kyle could fix almost anything. The son of a mechanic, he was following in his father's footsteps. Jason however, was his idol

Remembering to set the parking brake, Julie leapt from the car and strode angrily over to the pick up as Jason and Kyle got out.

"Troubles coming," Kyle said seeing her approach. Lily followed close behind. "She looks a little mad."

"Yeah, she does," Jason replied half laughing. Jason tipped his baseball cap at Julie as she arrived. "Good morning, ladies."

"You son of a bitch," Julie screamed. "You almost hit us."

"Well, I didn't," Jason shot back. "And besides, if I remember right, you almost hit me."

"Because you pulled out in front of me."

"Well, next time you had better be more careful. I'd hate to see you scratch your little sports car." He and Kyle laughed.

Lily interposed herself. "Come on Julie. They are a pair of assholes. Let's get parked and get to class."

Julie stared angrily into Jason's eyes. His smirk infuriating her even more. "I hate you, you bastard."

"I assure you, the feeling is mutual," Jason replied with a grin.

Julie wanted to hit him but knew it wouldn't do any good to get expelled. Finally, at Lily's urging, she turned and walked back to the Porsche.

"She's cute when she's mad," Kyle said jokingly.

Jason looked at Kyle with an amused look. "She's a f-ing rich bitch. Driving around town in a Porsche her daddy bought her. She's nothing but a spoiled brat."

"But a good looking spoiled brat. You ought to ask her to the Winter Dance."

"Not a chance. I'd rather die than be seen with that bitch."

Back in the car, Julie sat holding the steering wheel, trembling with rage. Next to her, Lily sat silently, looking for the words to say.

"I hate him!" Julie finally screamed pounding on the wheel."

"Feel better?" Lily asked with a smile. Julie looked at her friend trying to stay angry. Lily cocked her head to the side. "Hmmm?" Julie finally cracked a smile at Lily's look.

"No." Julie tried to keep a straight face but it was useless. Lily always got her with her sad, puppy dog look. "Ok, yeah. I'm still mad, but..."

"Come on, were going to be late."


Parked across the street he watched the exchange between the two teenagers. The telephoto lens on his camera capturing every moment frame by frame. Distracted by the screaming in the parking lot, nobody noticed the van or the driver concealed behind the tinted glass as he photographed his next clients.

After they disappeared into the school, he carefully scanned through the pictures on the camera's small view screen. The boy and girl looked angry, but he knew it was a charade. The pair were meant for each other. They just needed a little push.

Cupid would give them that little push.

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