𝟬𝟱. bruised

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tw: abusive scenes.


𝗝𝗢𝗛𝗡𝗕'𝗦 eyes flickered open, adjusting to the light that shone through his window. His hands gently to pushing back his hair before pulling his body upright.

His weight shifting like tidal waves causing him to notice the small tug on his hand which held him back. His head turning sideways to notice the blonde figure wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on his fold up chair.

His eyebrows fold in confusion as the unknown fills his head. Lifting up his arm to give the girl a gentle tap before a voice cuts him off reaching for her soft flesh.

"Don't " her voice calls from the hallway making his head snap around, retrieving his hand to see the brunette leaning against the frame of his bedroom door.

"She barely got any sleep last night, let her have a few more hours" she whispers before using her head to signal JohnB into the hallway.

His palms finding their way to his forehead as his fingertips tread lightly along his features and eyes trying to gather the strength to push himself out of bed before following the brunettes figure.

"How you feeling ?" Aven asks as he walks around the corner looking at the sofa bed which had been led in.

"I'm good, I'm fine" he mutters shaking it off as if the fight before was nothing.

"I told her to take the sofa bed with me, but she couldn't sleep without knowing you were okay" Aven comments taking a sip from the cup that was resting in her hands.

JohnB nods taking his head into his hands to try stop the pounding against his skull that was causing it to vibrate.

"There's some asprin, and water on your nightstand" the brunette shrugs towards the boy making his look up at her with a soft smile.

"Don't look at me like that" Aven replies, "I didn't put it there, i just needed a place to crash" she smirks taking a sip of her drink before watching the boy in front of her chuckle and head towards his room.

He walks in seeing the blonde girl still passed out in the uncomfortable chair, before he reaches for the aspirin and water which was left along the side before trying to conceal his headache.

Turning to the blonde girl who is still in the chair, he steps over to her figure using his arms to gently pick up her figure, and lying her on his bed.

His fingers grasping at the sheets to wrap her up tightly, watching as she shifts slightly and fluttering her eyelashes for a second before drifting back peacefully into her sleep.

"Get decent sweetie" another voice which doesn't belong to either of the girls calls behind him,
"We need to talk"

His eyes focusing on the doorway noticing Sheriff Peterkins standing their, with her body lined up straight and her head tilted slightly downwards to stare at the boy.

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