Welcome to Your Nightmare

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Welcome to your Nightmare
Inspired by the legend of Krampus.

"Monsters aren't under your bed, they sleep inside of your head."

Scene 1:
A flashback

Anne: Wake up, Nicholas.
Wake up!

(Sound of baby)

Anne: Papa's home.
He had a long journey.
(To Emmanuel) Are the horses in the barn?

Emmanuel: Yes, dear. Don't worry.
I brought us some bread and some wine.
Everything's fine. (Kisses forehead) I —
I love you.

Anne: I love you too.
We should get some Holy water.

(Knock on front door)

Emmanuel: Hello?
Who is it?

Anne: I hope it's one of those gladiators.
It's the only thing Johanna talks about.
Lord bless her.

Hel: You're going to get what you deserve!

Anne: Emmanuel, Come here. Please!

Emmanuel: What's the matter? I'm not trying to watch a chariot race. Stay inside, Anne.

Anne: Am I dreaming or did someone leave just a baby right there?

(Starts crying)

Emmanuel: Oh. Hey, buddy.


Ouch. Where did ya come from?
Oh, you're a hairy little bugger, aren't ya?

Anne: Aren't you the fairest of all?
He's so cute though and tough.
Sort of like you.

Emmanuel: Hey! What are you trying to say?
I shaved today.

Anne: It's so unusual for his age. Wait...
Emmanuel: What is it, my sweeting?

Annie: Oh, a scroll. Come hither. Should we read it??

Emmanuel: This would only happen in Rome.
What does it say?

Anne: Get a candle.

Emmanuel: Here, I have a torch.

(Unravels scroll)
Anne: Your past is not a dream
Your past will haunt you?
Emmanuel, what does this mean?
Emmanuel. Are you pitchkettled?

Hel: I'm free. (Evil laugh)
I'm free.

Scene 2:
The Prelude

"You can't wake up from a nightmare, if you aren't even asleep."
That's what parents are saying about the disappearance of their 3 young teens.

Hi. Everyone. And —
Welcome back to VS-HD news: Special Report.
This is Bobby Santino & here with me today;
Olivia Dasher.

This evening we learn news details from investigators about the heartbreaking disappearance and search of missing teens:
Courtney Buvia, Wesley Bronson & Hunter Malone.

Detroit Police reveal the missing children's last whereabouts — After 48 hours, traces of all 3 were found in Heritage Park near "The Pine."

"We will get down to the bottom of this. We have police officers there right now, as we speak, who are also searching the schools and different parks everywhere. This is a complete tragedy. We have no details to release at this time.

However, we do believe that we have found items and forensic evidence that belong to all 3 missing teens near this tree right here. We will be back with more information after we get it examined.

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