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"𝗪𝗘𝗟𝗟 that was fun" JJ laughs awkwardly, "Could have warned us sooner" he says leaning on the deck.

The group had got back to the boat safely, JohnB was steering the boat through the crystal like water.
While Layla's head rested on Pope's knee as his hands held an ice pack against her head, his fingers stroking her blonde locks delicately.

"We would have, except Pope was on the math team" Kiara sighs from next to Aven who looks at Pope who furrowed brows.

"You were on the math team?" Aven asks him, before being cut off by JohnB.

"The cops took everything like it was a crime scene" JohnB speaks up grabbing the others attention as they turn their heads towards him.

The blonde girl groaning at the pounding sensation that travelled through her skull making Pope stroke her hair back and pressing lighter on the ice pack to ease the tension.

"Did you guys find anything?" Pope asks the group turning his attention from the blonde in his lap to the group who we're looking around.

"Did we find anything? No I don't think so" JJ speaks up sitting forward and reaching into his pockets before pulling out the money and the gun he'd stolen.

"Oh, yeah, we did" he said with a smirk watching Pope and Kiara's faces drop as they look towards the blonde boy.

"What the hell?" Pope exclaims lifting Layla gently from his lap letting the girl sit up and grasp at the cold ice pack in his hand to press it deeper into her skull.

"Dude, what?" Kiara asks looking at JJ.

"Yo, chill" JJ speaks up waving his hands around as if he didn't have a weapon resting in one of his palms and a stack of cash in the other.

"Why would you take that from a crime scene?" Pope asks standing up next to JJ and looking at the gun resting in his hand.

"Better than the cops having it" JJ argues back to Pope, shrugging his shoulders as Pope tried to search for the right words.

Kiara turns to look at the girl next to her, before raising her brows, "You serious?" she asks the brunette twin who's expression drops from amusement.

"I'm going to lose my merit scholarship" Pope cries looking at the group in the boat before JJ walks up to him, stepping in front of the boy and looking directly at his face.

"Hey, hey" JJ whispers before shushing Pope - pressing the gun to his lips causing the boy to respond by pushing his hand away.
"At least you have us, right?" JJ calls with a sly expression.

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