Chapter 12

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I woke up and had a bad dream about my si- the real sa- i cant say it if the boys find out their gonna kill me for sure it kept playing over and over fianilly i had not idea how to controle it i ran the my suit case pulled out my pink jeans and sky blue shirt i threw on some vans and grabbed my phone and literlly ran across the hall way and into the lift i was in such a hurry i ran and bumped into someone "sorry" i said looking down "its fine" a fimilar voice said i looked up "za-za-za-zayn" i said stuttring "sam! If thats your real name"! He snapped i looked at him zayn im sorry! "Just save it" bu- " i said save IT"
I just sigh and walk off as i reach out i fall to the ground crying so hard "hey..whats wrong" a girl says looking down at me "i..i..i ruined my relationship with my friends' i lied

"Oh im sorry you'll be fine just work things out with them" she said kindly looking at me but i didn't see her face.

"Hi am alexa" she said holding her hand out for me to shake it "im samantha" i say shaking her hand.

I look up at her "ALEXA!" "Omg sam!!" I've never seen you since the fight!. How are you?

"Im good how about you i came to your house on christmas but you wheren't there your parents said you went missing but like they care after liz died your parents started treating you like a dog or worse"


"Where have you been all this time"

"Oh um..i..was living with a couple of friends"

We sat down on the stairs and where talking.

Suddenly i see 4 guys i cant see them clearly their too far away then i see them come closer.

"GUYS!!!!!!" i scream they notice me "sa-" shut up niall lets go said harry looking pissed at me i could see the guilt in their eyes as they walked away

"Who where they"? Asked alexa

Oh um just my friends

You mean the bad boys of east high? She says

"Yeah how do you know them"?

"Oh um i've heard their vampi-" she cuts her self off

"What!" You know!

"What do you mean by 'you know'?

"That their vampires" i say whispering



"" *slam*

Omg alexa are you ok!

I search to see if she has a phone "got it" i search her contact list i see "blake" and "TC" and "who the hell is jaykey babe"?? I click it and it rings and someone picks up

Jayk:hey kitty where are you?
Me:um this is sam
Me:an old friend of alexa
Jayk:why are you calling me what do you want where's alexa?
Me:she's with me and she fainted we're outside cristal empires hotel
Jayk:what! Ill be right down!
Okayy he almost burst my ear drum

"How did she faint"!?! He said running up to me

"We where talking and she just fainted" i lied......


OKAY hope you liked it and the idea of me combining 1D and AR in one book ok the quiestion still remains
why was zayn at the cristal empires hotel...? Hmmm....
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