Part 13

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Dear Writer,

       It's easier to believe that we are not writers, we can't write, we're incapable of producing the same product as some of these great, published authors. If you believe that, there isn't a standard  for you. There's no pressure. But if you believe that, you're also an idiot. You have the power to do whatever you want. You can write, you can produce a book like others have. Set those standards for yourself! 

        There are many times I have asked myself, why? Why should I write? I'm so busy already with everything else and then I want to add stories that I have to write? I've tried to stop. I've put myself in that spot. I've been to the point of waving away every idea, every pen and piece of paper that I wanted to fill with words was ignored. Obviously, it didn't work so well.

        If you're writing, it's likely because you feel the need to write, you want to share something. You have a voice that needs to be heard. It's your job to find what you want to share. Maybe something you don't want to share or you can't share out loud is what you need to write. Unless you copy someone else's work (don't do that), word for word, your story is completely different than every other person's story. If you don't believe me, I dare you to try and stop writing for a week. See how long you can go without writing down an idea, a paragraph, a sentence of a story that passed through your mind. I'm sure you'll get everything else in your life done, but will you feel the same? 

        My answer was no. I felt like I was missing a part of myself. I was angry all the time. I had nowhere to take out my frustrations and my creativity. My brain was exploding with all the situations I needed to write down. You have something that you want to share. Keeping it inside is not the way to go. Trust me, if you think of everything that you felt, everything that was around you, and the people that were with you, you'll have a novel in no time. 

        You can do this. You'll find the time. Maybe it's not now but maybe it's next month. The time will come just as the words will. I know it's hard to be patient but just do it. You've got this! Don't put down the pen. You are a writer! Whether you are just getting started, in between, or you have been doing it for a long time, you are a writer! You have a story to tell. Never forget that. 


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