Part 41 - One More Baby

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SKYLAB CAME WALTZING down the stairs, dressed to impress. Kev and Gatts looked at each other and then at Skylab again.

"Where are you going dressed like that?" asked Kev.

"You look like you have a meeting with the bank, God, he'll give you whatever you ask for," chuckled Gatts.

"You two can laugh all you want, I'm getting things done," sneered Skylab as she slammed the door behind her.

"What was that all about?" asked Kev.

An hour later Skylab returned smiling.

"Hello Gatts, have you got nothing to do?" asked Skylab.

"What has got into you babe?" asked Kev.

"I have come home to change before my lesson," she answered.

"What lesson? What are you talking about?" said Kev.

Gatts kept his mouth firmly shut.

"I'm having my first shooting lesson."

"Why?" asked Kev.

Gatts guessed what was coming, "You've bought a gun?" he asked.

"Yes, I have. I want my family to be safe. If Mat gets within eyesight of me, he'll get the first bullet in anger," she snorted.

"Skylab, I can't allow you to own a weapon talking like that," a worried Gatts said.

"You must give it to me, I'll look after it," said Kev.

"Sorry Kev, we do not allow no foreigners to own guns in Thailand," said Gatts.

"Listen to you two. I'm buying a gun, I know and respect the law. Forget what I said just now, but I want my baby to be safe," said a determined Skylab.

"How much was it?" asked Kev.

"Never mind, it was my money, not Coffee Investigations," answered Skylab.

"How much?" a more determined Kev asked.

"The licence cost 1,000 Baht," answered Skylab.

"The gun!"

Gatts butted in, "Have you bought the pistol yet?"

"Who said it is a pistol?" Skylab grinned.

Gatts and Kev were getting even more worried.

"Skylab, please listen to me..." started Gatts.

"Only joking, it is a pistol. I am over twenty and have no criminal convictions, therefore I can own a weapon if I need one for self-protection."

"Yes, yes, we know the law. At least you didn't buy an unregistered one from the crooks around here. Skylab, please be careful," said Gatts as he left to return to work.

"Don't the girls look sweet in their puppy cages?" Hla smiled.

The babies were lying peacefully.

"Yes, good choice, especially with the milk bottle attachment, that saves you all that motherly stuff. You got three cages, I hope?" asked Caddy.

"As per your instructions sir, the man in the pet shop asked if I had a new litter of dogs and needed help in selling them," she roared with laughter.

Caddy grinned, "It's the third one I want filling. It won't be too long."

He was thinking about his next move.

"How can we get Skylab down here?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it, I'll fetch her tomorrow, too soon?" said Hla with a sneer.

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