Chapter 1

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Its T.D day also its the summer holidays and I have just came back from Bristol with my dad because we went to watch a car race ”Lacy how good was that” my dad said with a smile on his face we walked up the drive way and we opened the door and my little sister came running over to me she's only 5 and my other sister is up stairs Listening to music. My 5 year old sister is called Daysha and my other sister who is 19 is called  Hope and Im lacy and im 13 years old and my mum is called Natalie and my dad is called Allen we all get on so well but we all have different personality's. Me and my dad are into cars, motor bike and defiantly quad bikes where as my mum and Hope like shopping, getting there nails done, make up, hair styling, make up , fake eye lashes, fake nails and the worst of all fake tan I hate all that stuff its not me.

I think true beauty comes from your natural self I have only put make up on if I went out somewhere special or if I have a cut on my head or something like that. But when comes Daysha she is just in the middle she loves cars and she loves lip gloss the cute little thing. Me and Daysha always watch her favourite channel ”Jessie” I love it has much as her my favourite is Cameron Boyce (Luke) because he is charming and really hot I would just die if I saw him. Daysha's favourite is Karan (Ravi) because of his accent But, she loves them all. Its a really good show though Im  13 years old and I love it my birthday is in may like his. Daysha grabbed my hand a shouted ”JESSIE IS ON JESSIE IS ON”. She was so happy when it came on here little cute face just lit up with excitement it was Bad Fallas its really good, its Daysha's favourite. Mine is Creepy Connie that's so funny, I was on twitter and then an advert came up and it said ”You can win 5 tickets to Hollywood and meet the Jessie crew and see them live just answer this question what is Mr Kibbling 1) A snake, 2) A lizard, 3) A crocodile, Daysha wanted me to text them and I also did because I wanted to meet Cameron Boyce. I text in the number and then the advert was over.

When Jessie finished I grabbed my folder from upstairs and started revising for maths because I wanted to be good at maths for when I go back to school. My options were P.E and Motor Vehicle because I love cars and I love P.E. After I did 3 pages of Maths on Percentages it was about 5:00pm and I helped cook dinner with my mum that's one thing we have in common is cooking and talking about her car when it breaks down on her which is quite a lot because her motor is dying. My mum made her homemade meatballs and pasta and I made a chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside. My mum is a 5 star chief and my dad owns 3 car businesses and own 4 fields to host racing events. I love taking part in the 13 to 15 ones its so fun all the money goes to Charity how sweet. I shouted to everyone that dinner was ready and we sat in our dining room and me and my dad were just talking about cars and my mum and Hope were talking about Shopping and Daysha just sat and said nothing till she started shouting my name trying to tell me something after dinner I cleaned up the dishes and Hope dried the dishes and Daysha get away with it because she young but sometimes she likes to pass the plates to Hope and put soap on her face and runs around saying ”im Santa look at me with a white beard”.

Me and Daysha went on the Wii because she loves just dance 4 and she loves Justin Bieber beauty and a beat she loves Nicki Minaj's part but she doesn't know the swearing in it she just says glitches instead its so cute. Me and Daysha both love One Direction my favourite song is I want and hers is Heart Attack. She loves Liam and I love Niall and because we have our own room she always comes in mine everyday and sometimes nights when she has a nightmare because she gets up comes into my room and starts crying and crying and you have to let her sleep on your bed so she feels okay and safe. I went into my room and then music bursted out next door it was Hope and she put on One Direction my favourite and I got into the shower we all had own on suites our house isn't massive my mum just spent over time for about 3 years and somehow got so much money she started getting more done with the house.