Chapter 1

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Its T.D day also the summer holidays and I have just came back from Bristol with my dad since we watched a car race. "Lacy how good was that!" my dad said with a smile on his face as we walked up the drive way and into the house, seeing my little sister Daysha, who came running over to me. She is only 5, but I also have another sister who is called Hope who is 19.

The name is Lacy. Im not your average teenage girl. I like cars, motor bikes, burgers, hot dogs, football, Rugby and Energy drinks. I dont really like many girly things, I wear light make up just to cover up any spots or break outs, but other than that I dont really bother with myself because I believe that I think true beauty comes from your natural self.

However Hope is the complete opposite she is in love with makeup, hair, nails, fashion, tumblr all that jazz and Daysha well she is in the middle she loves watching football, but also like to wear dresses and lip gloss.

I come from England, I live in a small city called Bath its really cute place I love the Christmas period because I always take Daysha to the Christmas market. Bath is just really festive and really pretty when it comes to the different holidays. You will find out more about me anyways lets go on with my story on how my dream came true...

I took off my shoes looking up at Daysha who grabbed my hand and decides to shout "JESSIE IS ON JESSIE IS ON". You see me and Daysha have this thing together which is every evening before dinner we would sit and watch one or maybe two episodes of Jessie. Im 13 and huge Disney lover just like Daysha is. In all honesty I love Luke who is played by Cameron Boyce because he is so mischievous and naughty its really funny, but Daysha's favorite is Ravi who is played by Karan brar and Emma who is played by Peyton List I dont why she loves them, but she does.

While the break was on, I was on twitter and then an advert came up,it said... "You can win 5 tickets to Hollywood and meet the Jessie crew and you can also see them live just answer this question what is Mrs Kibbling? 1) A snake, 2) water monitor lizard or 3) A crocodile. Daysha wanted me to text in, but I also wanted to because I wanted to meet Cameron Boyce. I text in the number and then the advert was over.

When Jessie finished I grabbed my folder from upstairs and started revising for maths because I wanted to be good at maths for when I go back to school.

Im going into my GCSES and we get to chooses what we want to do so I chose P.E and Motor Vehicle because I love cars and I love P.E.

After I did 3 pages of Maths on Percentages it was about 5:00pm and I helped cook dinner with my mum that's one thing we have in common is cooking and talking about her car when it breaks down on her which is quite a lot because her motor is dying.

My mum made her homemade meatballs and pasta and I made a homemade chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside. My mum is a 5 star chief and my dad owns 3 car businesses and own 4 fields to host racing events. I love taking part in the 13 to 15 ones its so fun all the money goes to Charity which is really sweet. "DINNERS READY" I shouted and we sat in our dining room.

me and my dad were just talking about cars, my mum and Hope were talking about Shopping and Daysha well she just sat there and said nothing that was until she started shouting my name trying to tell me something.

After dinner I cleaned up the dishes with Hope who dried up and Daysha gets away with it because she young but sometimes she likes to pass the plates to Hope and put soap on her face and runs around saying "im Santa look at me with a white beard" which is really cute.

It was around 6:30 so Me and Daysha went on the Wii because she loves just dance 4 and she loves Justin Bieber beauty and a beat she loves Nicki Minaj's part but she doesn't know the swearing in it she just says glitches instead of bitches its so cute.

Me and Daysha both love One Direction aswell. My favorite song is I want and hers is Heart Attack. She loves Liam she thinks he has a really cute voice and I love Niall because he has a really kind personality.

I went into my room when I heard music being blasted out from next door. It was Hope she was listening to One Direction heart attack.

I got into the shower we all had own en suites... our house isn't massive its just my mum worked for about 3 years straight and somehow got so much money that she started getting more done with the house.

My room has one purple wall with cream walls with laminate flooring, Hopes room was a lemon with cream carpet, Daysha's room is pink with black carpet because she little and she would get a stain on the cream carpets. And my mum and dad's room have white carpets with dark cream walls. Our house has to be tidy or my mum will flip when my mum goes on holiday with her friends me and my dad have pizza and we don't clean up straight away. Hope has 4 friends stay over and Daysha joins in with us and we watch her films and watch "Jessie".

When I came out of the shower I change into my onsie. It is white with purple polka dots on its really cute, I brought in New Look that shop is my favorite. Most of my clothes are from there my fashion is normally, combat boots, converse, vans, light blue skinny jeans, black ripped skinny jeans, plain colour shirts, blousers, ankle boots and plaid shirts.

I put on Lemonade Mouth laying in bed cuddling up to my blanket when I heard a small knock at the door. "Come in?" I say making it sound more of a question. "Lacy can I stay with you tonight im scared to sleep on my own" Daysha peeps around the door. "Of course" I smile moving over for Daysha to come in.


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