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Nadine's POV

"Miss Lustre will you be Mrs.Reid? Take it or leave it" said a guy.. a stranger.

What the heck?!  Is he proposing to me?! Ba't hindi man lang nakaluhod?! But in all fairness I like the ring.  *brushed off thoughts*

I don't even know who he is.  Baliw yata to eh. 

Everyone in the lobby gasped including my RM Migz:
"Nadine!  You didn't tell me he's.. "

Everyone started flashing their cameras.. Oh shiz

"Excuse me mister but.. " bago pa ko matapos magsalita lumapit sakin yung guy at bumulong "help me just this one time" naguluhan ako ba't ko siya tutulungan?!  Hindi ko nga siya kilala eh. 

Silence.. I can't hear anything but my own heartbeat.. Bakit ba ko kinakabahan?

"I'm sorry--" he held my hand tightly as if warning me. But nooo, how can I accept a stranger's proposal!  That's ridiculous.  Isa pa, pa'no na ang career ko?! "I don't even kno--"

Hindi ko na naman natapos ang sasabihin ko because he...he KISSED ME!  HE. KISSED. ME. 

THIS GUY'S CRAZY! I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say I heard everyone applauding  and congratulating

"Congratulations Mr. Reid!"

"We didn't know Miss Lustre was the girl you always talked about."

"Finally!  Nakilala din namin ang mysterious Lady ng Reid Corporations."

"When will be the wedding Mr.  Reid?"

"So,  hindi po totoong iniwan ka ng girlfriend mo? "

"Well wishes Mr and Mrs Reid! "

"Thanks everyone but I would like to have a private moment with Mrs. Reid."

he smiled at me and dragged me into a room. A conference room actually, two guys went with us inside I was trying to look for my RM when one of the guy in a black suit shut the door.

That's when I finally had the voice to speak

"What the hell is this all about?!  Is this some kind of a prank? Well as you can see I'm not enjoying so cut this crap!"

Lord what's happening..mga goons ba 'tong mga 'to?

"Relax! Miss Lustre." the guy with a funny looking eye glasses spoke.

"And who are you?!" naiirita na ko pinilit ko buksan yung door pero pinipigilan ako ng naka-black suit! 

"Calm down Miss.. Please. I'm Mr. Reid's secretary." -funny eye-glasses

"Miss Lustre hindi po kayo pwede lumabas." - black suit guy

I was starting to get really annoyed and hysterical. I was banging the door when the Reid guy pulled me

"Will you please calm down?!"

He shouted at me with authority that shut me up. 

"Better.. Can we please sit first and my secretary will explain everything to you."

I pulled a chair and sat like an obedient pup wth! ang scary kasi ng Reid na 'to! 

He sat across me his knuckles on his temple, elbow on the table acting like he's super bored.

"Ganito kasi yan Miss Lustre we had no choice but to do that because of all the media--"

"And so?  What about me?!  Don't you know who am I?!"
I don't want to sound arrogant pero kasi siguradong nasa news na lahat 'to! 

"But.. He's Mr.Reid. Hindi niyo po ba siya kilala?" -secretary

"Hindi!  Kanina ko pa sinasabi diba?  Ano ngayon kung si Reid siya?"

Tumayo yung Reid guy napaisod naman ako ang lakas talaga ng dark aura nito.

"Miss Lustre,  I just want you to act as my fiancee for a month or two."

Whaaaaat?  Mga siraulo ba 'tong mga 'to.
"But why?!"

"My girlfriend is missing"

"So anong kinalaman ko sa pagkawala ng girlfriend mo?"

"I'm sorry but you're the first girl I saw when all the media men started surrounding me.  I have to do that because I can't tell them my girlfriend is missing that would put my company, my girlfriend and me in danger."

Hindi ko maintindihan bakit manganganib siya at ang girlfriend niya. Ayoko na magtanong dahil hindi din naman ako papayag! 

"Sorry Mr. Reid but I can't do that,  I also have a career I need to protect."

"I know. I assure you this won't harm you nor your career. Please help me.  My girlfriend ran away I need to find her secretly and I can only do that if you're willing to help us, a month or two is enough after I find her I'll clarify everything to the media."

"Two months right?" hindi ko alam ba't ako naaawa saknya two months lang naman eh at babalik na sa dati ang buhay ko.

"Yes! Thank you." he hugged me that startled me.

"Woah. Thank you is enough." I pushed him a little away from me.

He smiled and said sorry.

Ang gwapo niya pala.  How on earth did I end up being this handsome guy's fiancee?!

Few hours back..

"Hello Migz!Where are you?  Where will we meet them again? Pearl Orient Hotel? Alright!  I'll be there in a minute."

This is just another busy day for me we'll be meeting a few people for a magazine shoot.

Pearl Orient Hotel

"Buti na lang 15 mins early ka matatapos na yata yung meeting ng editor."  sinalubong ako ng RM ko na si Migz pumasok na kami sa lobby.

"Anong meron ba't ang daming media dito?"

"Hindi ko rin alam, kanina pa sila diyan naghihintay." -Migz


And voila!  Engaged na ako. What the heck.

"So pwede na ba ako umalis?  May meeting pa ako. I'm already late."

Lagot ako nito!  I'm never late.  Ugh..

"Yes you may go." lumapit siya sakin at kumapit sa bewang ko.

"Woops. Ba't may ganyan?!"

"There's still lot of media men outside ihahatid ko lang ang FIANCEE ko."

He emphasized the word "Fiancee" as if reminding me. Tss

"And one more thing.. Sa bahay ka uuwi."

"Of course sa bahay naman talaga ako uuwi." duh!  Alangan saan.

"My home."

wtf?! Bago pa ko makapag react bumukas na ang pinto at napaligiran na naman kami ng cameras.

Finding Mrs. ReidBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!