Zayn Malik - Short Imagines

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You and Zayn were together for 1 year .. he proposed you and you're going to get married next month. You are at his house cuddling in bed with him and he just start to talk about babies how we imagine that our baby will be when i'm going to be pregnant one day.

Zayn: I want to have a little girl that will have your eyes your hair your smile everything to be beautiful as much as you are.

You: And i like to be a girl but i like to look like you a bit to have your gorgeous smile your eyes ...but from where you come to this idea about babies??

Zayn : You know babe we will get in marriage i would like we to have a child u don't want? ? You: "isnt too early about baby? Lets get married first, and then then we'll think about that." 

*zayn made a sad face* 

You: "Okayy we'll try i want too" he started to kiss you and you know what happened next. ♥ 


You woke up in the middle of the night .. you couldnt sleep .. he asked you whats wrong babe ? and you told him that your stomach is hurting you so bad .. he kiss you and lay in bed with you cuddling you while his hand was rubbing your stomach . ♥


You and Zayn are together at his house and you are reading romantic imagines being together at romantic dinner on the beach under the stars . next day he told you to get ready cuz he will take you somewhere you get out of the car and saw a beach with lights and in the middle table for you and zayn you ask him what is this babe for? he said i just wanted that imagine that you read  yesterday to happen * he kiss you * ♥

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