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The school bell had rung, signaling it was lunch time at Tokyo Meisei High School. Currently, Y/N has 40 minutes to enjoy her free time. The sound of students chatting were heard as they exited their classrooms while some stayed behind bringing out their homemade bentos. 4 straight hours of lecture everyday before eating would surely empty the stomach.

Lunch time in Japanese schools are the busiest hours of the day. Some even call it the Japanese lunch time rush.

Grabbing her wallet, Y/N made her way to the cafeteria where it was always jam packed with students.

She's a 1st year and her classroom was just on the 2nd floor, so it's easy to climb up and down even if she wanted to run. Following the sequence, that makes the 2nd years on the 3rd floor, and the 3rd years are on the 4th.

Today's menu was rice, corn & egg soup, gyoza, stir-fried veggies, and the everyday served drink; bottled milk.

Y/N stood in line and waited patiently to buy her lunch. Her stomach was getting loud just by the smell of the food the lunch lady serves. After getting her tray, she carefully carried it until she reached the bread section of the cafeteria. She wanted to try a snack they were selling because a new flavor was released, luckily she knew they were serving it today!

"1 order of cream cheese dorayaki please!"

The elder woman who was serving gave Y/N a big smile in recognizing her face, "Oh Y/N! Good timing, I saved this one just for you," she handed out the last dorayaki order on her tray, "Don't worry about paying, think of it as my treat!"

Y/N couldn't believe it, she'll surely eat the dorayaki right away, "R-really!? Thank you so much Enya-san!"

"You told me before you wanted to try the new flavor, so I took the chance to repay you for your kindness deary~" Enya chuckles.

She couldn't express how thankful she was, "But Enya-san you didn't have to..."

In the middle of their conversation, two protruding figures approached the bread section in search of a particular snack. "I thought they were selling dorayaki today?" a deep voice catches the attention of Enya and Y/N. He was eyeing the display shelf for it yet he finds it empty.

"I'm sorry Draken, but all the dorayakis for today are sold out. You can come back tomorrow, we'll surely make lots of them!" Enya reassured.

Enya-san knows them? Y/N glanced at the blond pair, simply observing.

The taller blond sighed, "I told you Mikey we should've came down early."

"Eh? But Baji was asking how to spell 'chauffeur'. He said that why would the word 'driver' had to have such a complicated term when we can just call it driver. I had to make fun of him of course."

"You said you wanted to get dorayaki today, you kept bothering me about it. It's sold out because we're too late."

As those two bickered, Y/N bids farewell to Enya and proceeds to find a seat where she can eat her lunch. The cafeteria was always filled with students during lunch time, so it's really hard to immediately find a place. Somehow she sees a large table that was suited for a group and apparently no one was occupying it. Seizing the opportunity, she scurries over and settles her tray on the table while getting herself comfortable on the seat.

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