Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Playing House

“W-What?” Juvia asked, confused. For a while she couldn’t move a bit in her seat. Gray just had dinner in her house, now he wants to move in?

“I want to move in.” Gray said without even blinking.

SERIOUSLY?! Juvia screamed in her head. But she can’t move. She was dumbfounded. First, he asked him to marry her; now he said that he wants to move in. He’s one hell of impulsive Fullbuster.

“Why?” She said, looking at Gray in confusion. “You can always see Xander.”

“I know.” Gray agreed. “But I hate waking up knowing that my son isn’t with me at home.”

Juvia was overwhelmed with what he said. She was happy that Gray has been absorbing being a father. He does what a good father does. And she was happy with that. She thought for the past years that Gray will not care about her, that’s the reason she hide her son from him. She was afraid that the child might be neglected. She thought that Gray wasn’t ready and he won’t accept the child. Now, she suddenly felt guilty about what she did.

“Juvia, I know this is complicated. But this is where it leads. We’ll both be staying in the house once we get married. You know that.”

The word marriage struck her. Right, they are getting married. By Gray’s choice. It wasn’t that Juvia isn’t happy. She was, actually. Gray being considerate and being a father. But in Juvia’s head, everything Gray was doing is for their son. Just their son. That made her unhappy. If it was a few years back, without her pregnant and with hormones, she would just probably squeal and jump into Gray. It wasn’t the before. It is the present, where she had to decide what’s good for her son. Xander has always been the priority for her.

“Are you sure?” She asked. Then, she stood up. She needs a glass of water. Gray just followed her through the kitchen.

“Yes. I’m sure.” He said. He was really certain with his decision.

Juvia opened the refrigerator and took a pitcher of water. She poured the water to the glass. The thought of Gray in her house every day made her feel uneasy. She’s quite giddy, yet she feels nervous.

“Okay.” She answered after she took a sip in her water.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

The next day, Gray’s car was parked in her house. She took a deep breath. Gray will be living with her and their son. Juvia looked at the unfamiliar car. Gray went there with his truck. He was using it since college and Juvia was very familiar in it. She blushed when she remembered something about that car. The car seemed new. The plate umber hasn’t been there yet so it was definitely brand new.

“Dadda!” Xander exclaimed and ran outside the house.

Luckily, the lawn had a wide space for parking both of their cars. Juvia’s house isn’t a mansion but it isn’t small, too. Her house had 3 bedrooms. The house also had a maid’s quarter in it. Juana uses it. Juvia followed Xander outside their house. She saw Gray coming out of his car.

Her heart skipped at the sight of him. He is wearing a wayfayers, a khaki shorts and a sky blue long sleeves that fits his biceps. Gray is really a good-looking man. He’s fucking hot. Xander giggled at the sight of his father. He jumped and mumbles something inaudible, since the kid is just learning to speak. Gray laughed at his son then he scooped the boy and Xander was in his arms.

“Hey,” Gray greeted Juvia. Juvia blushed instantly at the sight of him. It makes her want to faint. Luckily, she didn’t. “I brought my things. It was just a few. Just my clothes, the laptop and some stuff.”

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