Part 39 - Gatts has News

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"I JUST RETURNED  from Pranburi," Gatts said, looking worried. "Two English people and their baby have been reported as missing. The British Embassy has had no news of the family. The couple had called them two weeks ago to register their child for a passport. Since then they've heard nothing."

"Was the baby a girl?" asked Skylab.

"Yes," answered Gatts.

"What do you think?" asked Kev.

"I called in to let you know what has happened so far, sorry but I have to rush off to meet the Forensic Medical Examiner, something else has come up, I'll see you later," Gatts rushed out without drinking his usual coffee.

Skylab could not sit still.

"Kev, I'm scared for our baby," she said.

"Darling, relax. You are safe here. Gatts and his men will get Mat," Kev sounded more confident than he felt.

A determined Gatts strode into the police doctor's office.

"What have you got?"

"Yes, good afternoon to you too," said the doctor.

"Sorry Dr, yes, good afternoon to you too, what is the news?"

"They called me down to the swamp walkway. Somebody spotted something that looked suspicious. The tourist first spotted a child's dummy on the ground. Then the girl who is studying art at college, thought she saw an animal's skull, bobbing in the water, she wanted it to use it in a horror painting she was working on. She reached down and retrieved the item. On closer inspection, she screamed and threw it back into the water. Then another bone popped to the surface. She then called the Pranburi police. They got me to have a look. I assumed you would want to see what we found."

"Were the bones human?"

"Just a minute captain, I haven't finished. There were two dark patches on the wood. Which both turned out to be human blood. And yes, the bones are human."

"So, we have a murder," said Gatts.

"No, we have two murders. The skull is from a female, and the blood patches have two blood groups," said the expert to his pupil. He carried on, "It is possible the female injured her attacker, hence two blood types."

Gatts turned away from the doctor and called his colleague in Pranburi.

"Ah, Gatts, I was just about to call you."

"About the blood on the walkway?" asked Gatts.

"Yes, and no. As you well know that if anything serious involving foreigners here, has to be reported to your brother in Bangkok?"

"Of course I know, if it involves British people outside Bangkok it often gets passed to me," said Gatts.

"Well, my friend you are about to get busier," said the Pranburi chief.

"Go on. Does it involve a baby?"

"It may do. They have reported a British couple missing, they have a baby," said the chief.

Gatts turned back to the doctor, "Is it possible the patches of blood were from three people?"

"Yes, if the blood groups are the same. I will need more time."

"Would a baby have the same blood as its mother or father?"

"Again yes, likely," said the doctor.

Gatts then asked his radio, "Have you found any baby's bones?"

"No, not so far, we still have divers working, but it is a huge expanse of water to search."

"I'll call you later," Gatts clipped his radio to his belt.

"Tell me, doctor, why are the bones in small pieces?" asked Gatts.

"It is possible that monitor lizards had a lot to do with it, both the lizards and certain snakes would have made a mess of the flesh, but would have struggled with the bigger bones."

"And baby bones?"

"They are much softer, more digestible," smiled the doctor.

Gatts went back to Coffee Investigations. What he reported did not make Skylab feel any better.

"He wants my baby!" she screamed.

"We don't know that. They snatched a little girl from a hospital. We don't know why. And a baby may have drowned. There is nothing to suggest that Mat is connected," said Kev.

"He took the baby from the hospital, he killed the parents and took the other one too," wailed Skylab.

"Come on, darling. We don't know any of that."

"I know!" she screamed again.

Kev and Gatts were lost for words.

"You two can sit around doing nothing. I will find him and kill him," Skylab rushed upstairs.

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