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I woke up to something so soft beneath me, and then it clicked I slept on Shehnaaz yesterday.

Fuck, she must be in terrible pain by now.
I looked at her to see red marks on her waist as her kurta has hiked up just like yesterday morning.
She is a treat to sour eyes , but fuck she is mine to witness her like this. I knew her past didn't even mattered me, what mattered was her beside me and I would go to any, extent to make it happen.

I got up careful enough to not disturb her sleep as it was still 6 in the morning. I freshened up as sleep was far away from my eyes and hence went to kitchen to make breakfast for Aadia and Aahnik, baki sab ka baad main dekh lenge right.
I prepared sandwiches for their lunch because Aahnik loves them and Shehnaaz avoids them but ek cheat day toh banta hai na, I saw the time and it was 6:40 by the time I finished so I decided to make tea for Mom as I remember she needs morning tea after she is done with her pooja that is usually by 7 in the morning.

Morning Sidharth, came Shehnaaz's sleepy voice as she strolled towards the kitchen and before entering covered her head with a dupatta.

Morning ke aage ka Good kha gayi madam, I teased and she pouted.

Mat kar if you don't want anyone to witness how wild you are while kissing, I said kissing her cheek and moving towards Aadia's room to wake both of them up. I'm sure she is gonna blush profusely and I would have loved to watch it but the kids need to get up or else they are gonna end up late. I know I asked them to miss the school today but they will receive the probable certificates and Prizes they got in this trip to Pune, atleast this was what the message from their school read and I know how much Aadia loves prizes.

Bacho get up, I shouted as I opened the door.

Dadda sone do please, Aadia whined but Aahnik sat up at once.

Good morning Buddy, he said throwing his hands up in the air and I picked him up.

Morning bacha, I said and he kissed me on the cheeck.

Go get fresh bacha, I said placing him down and strolling towards Aadia.

Mumma kahan hai, he asked placing his hands on his waist and searching for Shehnaaz.

Yahi hai bacha aap jao fresh ho kar aao jaldi, I said and he nodded but turned again.

Ek second Buddy, kal aap ne bola na aaj no school, suna maine sote sote phir itni jaldi kyun utha diya, he spoke and I wanted to know why does he ask so many questions.

Sote sote kaisa suna aapne, I asked gazing him rubbing his sleepy eyes

Offo Aahnik ka style hai aap nhi samjhoge, he spoke pouting just like Aadia and I wondered how do they both looked so similar even when they weren't even related but then again some relations are far more than we just imagine.

Aahnik see it's gonna be 7 aap late ho jaoge bacha, saare jawaab breakfast ke baad now run, I said and succeeded when he went to the washroom.

Ab isko kaise uthaoon, I thought aloud when Shehnaaz came there.

Main utha dungi, she spoke and I nodded.

Vaise you want me to kiss... I decided to tease her further but she looked at me to convey that kids are here and they might hear it so I remained quiet.

Aapki chai cup main dal di hai, jaiye thandi ho jaegi, vaise you didn't drink it in the morning right aaj kaise, she spoke going and sitting besides Aadia.

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