Part 36 - Back at the Cave

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"LADIES, WE HAD better get going. There is no knowing how much deeper this water will get," said Kev.

"I can't leave Peter here," said Pru again.

"Sorry, Pru, there is no way we can carry him," said Skylab.

"We'll come across someone soon enough, then we can arrange for police or an ambulance to bring him back to town. Come on, let's go," Kev insisted.

"Pru, do you want to wear my shoes? As a Thai, I'm more used to bare feet than you," said Skylab.

"Thank you dear, but let's go as we are, I can wait to take up your offer," answered Pru.

Kev's plan of marching through the water would not happen, they would need to wade. Their feet were sucked into the mud at each stride. The next step may be on a rock or a mixture of the two. Skylab's offer of sharing shoes would be taken up later. Once again the rain started falling, clouds were covering the moon the march was getting harder.

Then, "Oh my God, what was that?" Pru heard a splash.

Kev and Skylab followed Pru's eyes, looking to the right, but seeing nothing.

"There," screamed Pru again. She pointed a short distance away. "It's an alligator!"

"Can't be, we don't have alligators here," stated Kev.

"Well, a bloody crocodile then, whatever, they bite!"

Pru was looking for somewhere to hide.

"Can I have those shoes now, please," she was almost jumping out of the flood.

Skylab screwed up her eyes, "There it is," she spotted small waves in the water. The gloomy moonlight was enough for them all to see ahead, which appeared it was fighting with a snake.

"Tua Heer, a monitor lizard," called Skylab, "He just saved us from a snake bite," she laughed.

"Stop it, Skylab, and give me those shoes now," said Pru.

"Relax, he or she is swimming away with its feed," spotted Kev.

The babies slept on. They continued wading and hoped to find a concrete road soon.


"Normally the trip would take about three hours in 'my' truck, today it will be longer, because one, we have to use the work's clapped out heap of junk, and two, because of the weather. Have you packed an overnight bag?" asked Skylab's cousin Dam.

"All ready, I even thought to pack torches and candles," said Noi.

"Torches and candles? Why?"

"The last time we had weather like this, we had power cuts, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, good thinking. Let's go," said Dam.

Surprising Dam, the engine fired into life the first time, and if not exactly purring, it moved smoothly ahead. Dam and Noi did not encounter the problem Gatts had met previously with the train, as the trains were not running at all because some track was underwater. Dam and Noi passed several vehicles left stranded by the floodwater, but not much in the way of traffic.

"I'll stick to the centre of the road, and only move over if someone wants to pass us going south," Dam said.

They needed to fill up with petrol north of Tha Yang. The fuel station was open, but the area between the road and the incline up to the pumps was flooded.

"Moment of truth, sink or swim," Dam laughed.

"Don't tempt fate, we are worried about your cousin, so take it seriously," said a straight-faced Noi.

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