Roommates (Dream X Reader)

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You had been looking months for a good roommate. You were honestly quite picky, but when Clay sent you a message about the opportunity, you couldn't decline.

Being roommates was quite fun, spending time with him and hanging out with him. You secretly craved the moments you would walk out of your room and he would be shirtless, wearing plaid pajama pants. You realized soon enough you were starting to get.... sexual.... thoughts about him. Fantasizing about him. Who could blame you?

- reader pov btw -

I rubbed the spot between my eyebrows with my fingers. The stress of school, personal life, and work was starting to really get to me. I was overwhelmed, and craved any sort of help or attention.

I pressed my head against my car's steering wheel. I found myself day-dreaming about my roommate. He always knew what to say, when to joke and when to be gentle. He flirted with me often, and the sexual tension that filled the room always made me flustered. The moments he was so close to me, daring me to initiate. I wanted to give in so badly, but I wanted him to make the final move. It was like every time he made a flirty move or remark, it felt like a invitation for more. Would it be selfish if I wanted to take him up on it? Having a roommate, a friend, and a lover all in one.

I opened the car door, staring at the outside of my apartment. Checking the parking lot, I noted Clay's car. I caught myself smile, and hurried to the door. Suddenly, I got a notification. A message from Clay.

- you're here.

- oh no. should i be scared?

- nope! dont worry. we should hang out l8r tho ;)

- mmm this feels like a trap

- only if you want it to be.

I stared at the messages, taking a deep breath and entering. I continued to stare at the messages as I walked up the stairs, twiddling my thumbs.

Opening the apartment door, I noticed the smell of a candle. I smiled, seeing he lit the one I got him. It rested on the kitchen counter, where it now was next to my keys and items.

The lights were off, and it was like 10 pm so it was dark in the apartment besides the candle. I saw a light flick on, the hallway one. I looked up to see Clay, shirtless, in fucking gray sweatpants. He smiled quickly, walking over to greet me.

"Hi!! You're home", he pulled me by the waist into a hug, and I gave in. He smelled of colonge and fresh laundry.

I quirked a eyebrow, he wasn't usually this excited to see me. "What's going on...?"

Clay giggled, and grabbed my hand and took me to his bedroom. He covered my eyes until we got there, then uncovered them. He had set up a little movie-night.
I smiled, and tossed off my jacket and shoes.

I dived into his bed, quickly managing to steal all the covers and scrolling to Netflix on his TV. "Hey!, what are you doing??"

He dived next to me, snatching the remote, earning a pout from me. I stood up to where he stood, and looked up at him. I tried to grab the remote, but he held it in the air.

"Ugh, give it back you bully!" I rolled my eyes.

"For a kiss."


He just looked down at me with a smug smirk on his face, making my face flush red and my eyed widened.

"Wait, what?", I said, my breath hitching.

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