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***You will know it's a flashback when it is in italics***

When I was going to lunch one of the office ladies stopped me and said that I was needed in the office. I was scared at first, then I thought how bad could it be. I guess it was pretty bad.

I looked up and noticeed/ that the office lady was crying. I bit my tongue.

"Your father... Your father was in a car accident today. He was rushed to the emergency center only/to die 15 minutes later. Your mother will be here shortly to pick you up."

Trying to take in what I just heard, I freeze. Nothing this dramatic has ever happened to me. I justt think who would go to the shooting ranges with me. My mom hates guns.

When my mom comes in I run to her, and blurt out,
"This isn't real. Tell me it's not real. He's not dead. Tell me!"

"Artemis, listen, God just told us that your dad was needed in other places, like heaven." my mother replied trying not to choke on tears.

Sorry for the short chapter. What will Artemis do. Will she go and rip her dad a new one or will she understand why he had to leave? Comment what you think!

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