Zayn Malik Imagine (1)

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It's your last lesson and you just received a message from your boyfriend Zayn that he is waiting for you. You get out of the school and saw Zayn's car, you keep walking and you heard someone saying your name .That was your bestfriend.. he just wanted to hug you cuz he won't see you for a couple of days ..Zayn will take you to his new house in LA.While you were talking to your friend Zayn came to you.

Zayn: Y/N let's go !

You: wait Zayn ....

*your friend hug you*


You get in the car and you saw Zayn nervous , he start driving so fast

You: Zayn can you slow down a bit ??

Zayn: Okay 

You: What's wrong why you are so nervous?

Zayn: Noting,

You:Okay , but when we will leave ?

Zayn: Tonight

Zayn got out of the car nervously and opened the of the house, he sat on the chair...... you get closer to him

You: you don't look happy, what's wrong please tell me 

Zayn: who is he ? 

You: Who ? 

Zayn: the boy who hugs you ? 

You: ohh , thats my friend .. why ? 

Zayn: .................

You: hahaha .. are you jealous 

Zayn: what No!!

You: yes you are!

Zayn: No im noot

*you kiss him*

Zayn: you know everytime when i saw you with another guy i think that you'll leave me 

You: he just wanted to say bye to me cuz he wont see me for a long 

Zayn: okayy. but .......

You: but.. what 

* he grabs you and lay on the bed with you and start kissing you* 

You: sorry that won't happen next time, cuz that is making you sad 

Zayn: it's okay ..... but i want every boy in this world to know that you're mine

You: okay 

*you both spend the rest of the day together and land to LA to Zayn's house and spend amazing time there*

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