27th Jan 2014


5.30 pm

Alright I’m gonna do it!

I have to do it!

I need to do it!

But how will I say?

What will I say?

Oh!! God... How hard could it be to talk to your best friend!

Or ex-best friend? What if Ryan doesn’t wanna talk to me! What if he never wants to see me again! After all he just left without saying anything! Maybe that’s why he didn’t contact me after leaving! Oh sweet lord!!

I stare my phone which is lying down lazily on my bed while I’m contemplating whether to call Ryan or not! I think my situation is going from bad to worse! Before I was thinking about what to tell Ryan when I call him and now I’m wondering whether to even call him at all or not..

““I know it’s been a long night but now I’m here it’s alright,

I don’t mind walking in your shoes,

We’ll take each step together till you come back to centre,

You know that I know the real you.”

Josh Cuthbert’s melodious voice blasts out of my phone as if trying to comfort me before I realize that I’m actually getting a call.  I pick up the phone and freeze instantly. The first thing that I see is a very smartly dressed Ryan in a black dress shirt flashing a massive grin. His name and number keep flashing on my phone. Holy cow! Ryan Devon is calling me! What should I do! Should I cut it! NO! Eliza stop being such a wuss! Talk to him! No more avoiding and running away!

I listen to my inner self as I bravely slide the answer sign and stick the phone to my ear.

“He..Hello” I say but it barely comes out as a whisper.

Silence. No response. I wait for a couple of seconds.

“I didn’t think you’d receive” comes my best friend’s voice.

“Ryan..” I sigh as the guilt comes rushing back.

“Eliza .. I.. I need to talk to you” he hesitates.

“Same here Ryan..” I reply back cautiously hoping not to upset him again.

“Ok..so..can we meet at the bridge at the park at..umm 6?” he continues

“Ok I’ll see you there” I reply.

“Bye” he says and cuts the call before I can reply.

“Bye” I say now to myself.

I check the time and quickly get ready pulling on a pair of blue jeans and a red plaid shirt. I pull my hair in a high pony tail and slip on my sneakers. I check the time on my wristwatch once again and there’s still 10 minutes for six. I shove my cellphone in my pocket and run downstairs.

“Mum I’m going out” I yell as I run out the door. I jog to my bug and get in feeling determined that this time I’m gonna make things right! Yeah I am!


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