Part 31 - To Hell and Back

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MAT WAS PACING up and down and then across the cavern floor. He knew he should stop, calm down. Many thoughts were crashing one over another, he shook his head.

"Control yourself," he mouthed silently.

He had a pregnant girl secured, but he had an audience. He was aiming to operate alone, except for Debbie dabbing his brow. Then he planned to visit the church, victorious, like a prize boxer showing off his belt. Only a select number of the congregation held the same belief as he did, but soon they all would follow the dark prince, then the whole town would beg to enlist. Soon the whole country, and then, who knows. He calmed himself once more. Certain of his course of action.

"Debbie," he whispered into her ear, "You and I have much to accomplish, but I need to concentrate. We will secure the back cave, then we can operate in peace. The others can remain in the front area and await our success."

"Mat, you know I will follow you to hell and back. Please tell me what we are doing?" She shook her hair, and stood arms akimbo, she wanted an answer.

"Mat, if you want me by your side give me the belief that you trust me with your secrets."

Her forceful stamp made Mat smile with genuine pleasure.

"We are a team, it is only fair that you know everything. Where shall I begin?"

"Begin at the beginning," the determined girl said.

"As a child I was different. Bright enough, but without guidance, they removed my only friend from my life. I was a lonely and lost child. Then, a light appeared in the form of my cousin, you know her as Sister. She was my guide, my teacher."

"Teacher, didn't you go to school?"

"I followed the normal course of education all the way to university. But Sister taught me so much more."

"Like what?" the girl was becoming unnaturally jealous.

"The dark arts, what else?"

"Oh, I see. You mean she is a witch?"

"Not exactly, she was sent here to assist me. But she used, unconventional methods to keep me out of trouble."

"Such as?"

"We haven't got time to go through all that, but one day I'll tell you everything, I promise on the inverted cross."

"I'll look forward to hearing about her. What happens now?"

"You have seen how easily I control people?" asked Mat.

"Yes, a few times."

"In each case, my subject needs to touch or hold something. When they do, a vapour is transferred onto their hands. When their hand is anywhere near their nose, they inhale enough of the fumes. Then they are in my power. I can send my thoughts and they do whatever I order."

"Yes, I've seen. That doesn't answer my question," asked Debbie.

"After the sad demise of my parents, Sister took me into my mother's bedroom, hidden away was an iron box, my father's name was on it. It had not been touched since my grandfather had died those many years before."

"How do you know it had never been opened?" Debbie felt brave enough to ask questions now.

"There was a seal, signed by Mat senior, it was unbroken."

"What was in the box?"

"All the books and journals you've seen me read. And something of immense power. A small phial, the phial contained the potion I use."

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