25th Jan 2014


8.30 pm

Soft.. So soft..I feel like I’m walking on the clouds. The land beneath my feet is so soft. I look down and see my light pink pyjama pants clad legs and bare feet and there is sand beneath my feet. Sand!?? Where am I.. I look around to find sand everywhere. When did I come here? I start running until I hear a splashing noise so I slow down and walk towards the noise. And there infront of me is water.. it’s a sea shore.. I’m at a beach. Cool breeze is blowing my hair into my face. I look around to find no one around. The water is wetting my bare feet and the lower ends of my pyjamas.

“Ellie” I hear someone faintly calling out my name.

I look on both sides but find nobody.

“Ellie” I hear again.

I turn around to see the silhouette of a person.

The person starts walking towards me but it appears as a blur. As the person nears I realize its Zayn Malik clad in a pair of white shorts and a white t-shirt. Oh! What’s he doing here? How did I come here? Did we come together? Why am I not being able to remember anything? Oh no.. he didn’t drug me did he! Oh God but he looks so breathtaking in those clothes! White really suits him! He dramatically walks in slow-mo with an angelic smile on his face. He walks to me and lifts his hand as he tucks my hair behind my ear.

“Ellie..” he sings.. and his voice sounds so sweet.. just like my mother.. !Whoa! What.. wait a minute!!

“Elliee...hehehe...Elliee” he says and laughs again in my mother’s voice.

Oh God! Why does his voice sound like my mother? Zayn Malik is talking in my mother’s voice and that is seriously creepy!! Like horror movie-bone chilling creepy!!

“Elliee..... come onnn .. Elizaaaa!!” he continues and lifts both his hands and holds my shoulders and start shaking me!!

“NOOOOO!!! LET ME GOO!!!!” I yell as I wake up and see my mum shaking me!! She looks at me with confusion over her face. I look around and breathe a sigh of relief after realizing that I’m in my room and in my bed. Mum’s seated on the side of my bed.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” she inquires taken aback.

“Bad dream” I say as I run a hand through my brown locks. Mum looks at me as if I’ve grown two heads.

“Mum?” I ask unsure.

“It’s past 8 love. You’ve been in bed all day” she looks worried.

“Mum I’m on my break and that’s what people do on breaks. They sleep and eat and watch tv and sleep and..” but I’m cut off and Mum speaks again

“and hang out with friends, go for trips, attend parties, and have fun. None of which you are doing. You are 18 Ellie ! Why are you living the life of an 80 year old?”

“Mum I’m all over the news and internet.. If I walk down the street people stare at me accusingly,.. I can’t even go to the grocery shop for the fear of crazy teens attacking me.. and my bestfriend doesn’t even wanna talk to me..” I say with a small smile.

“Why is Ryan not talking to you?” mum asks even more confused. Oh right! She doesn’t know the “Ryan Story”. I take a deep breath as I brace myself for another explanation.

“Because I said that I don’t like him.. I mean I like him only as a friend and not more than that” I say cautiously.

“And..... Eliza..why did you tell him that?” mum asks slowly.

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