part 4

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its been about like 3 days and its been the same night every night . i come home and he is getting carried in to hos room , or he is just smelling like weed and sneaks in the house . one night i hear a bang against my door , and rushed to it thinking he fell at the doorstep , i opened the door to see him on the floor with a bloody nose with him covering his eyes .
" oh my god what happend " i said leaning down .
he didnt answer hust breathed deeply and moaned .
i managed to put is arm around my neck and carry him to the couch , which was not easy . i got on my knees and i touch his face , seeing dried blood on his nose and bruised cheeks . i grabbed my phone and called rick .
as i waited for rick to come i was holding a warm wet wash cloth on his nose with his hand iver mine .
" what the hell happend , you beat him up? " he said
" no , i found him on the doorstep like this . i said
" hey man , what happend to you , was it jhonny boy ? man i told you not to be checkin out his girls . " he said
daniel rolled his eyes
" me and j boyy are all good now , i just bled to much " daniel said trying to smile .
i let go of the wash cloth and said goodnight . i walked back to my room .slammed the door.

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