part 3

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i came home to a silent house . i expected some sort of sound now that i had a roomate . i set down my keys and purse and walked down the hall . i was only gone two hours and his whole room was unpacked except maybe two boxes . he was gone but the smell of cologne stuck in the halls . he probably went out with the two guys that were here . i decided to take a shower and get ready for bed . when i stepped out if the shower i realized that i forgot my purse on the counter . i put on my towel and peeked out the door and listened to hear if there was anyone home. i heard nothing so i walked really fast from the bathroom to the kitchen . right when i got to the kitchen i heard the door opening . i quickly grabbed my purse and ran towards my room . i shut my door really quietly so that he didnt think i was slamming doors out of anger. i heard two men laugh and i heard daniels voice slurring and laughing . i got dressed in some tight grey yoga pants material shorts with a black wife beater . i put on some socks and walked out of my room pretending to have a reason but i secretly justvwanted to know what was going on . i walked in the living room to see daniel laid back on the couch , and his two friends trying to lift him up by his arms to take him to his room. his chubby black friend said
"excuse me " shyly , laughing
i stepped out of the way and grabbed a water bottle and started walking back to my room and was stopped by his two friends who introduced themselves as " mike and rick " Rick gave me his number .i shook their hands and said goodnight

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