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Fuck, Shehnaaz is still here, how is mom gonna react to it, I turned around to see Shehnaaz gazing me with anger and I don't know what has to be done.

Sidharth ye, My mom Asked standing up and walking towards her, Shehnaaz bowed down and touched her feets.

Khush raho bacha, My mom said placing her hands on her head and then pulling her up back.
Betiyaan pair nhi chuti hamare yahan, agli baar se dhyaan rakhna she spoke and we looked at her shocked.

Mom, I spoke.
Bas Sidharth, gussa tha pata hai but bahu se milne ka haq toh tha na hume, she spoke and I looked at Shehnaaz and she returned the gaze.

Mom ye meri biwi.... I started speaking again but was again interrupted by someone...
This time it was Mr. Reyaansh Srivastav.

Hum maar thodi dalenge chup kar shaadi kar lega toh, He spoke and I looked at him in disbelief. He is still the same, 5 years and nothing changed in this man.

Shehnaaz's Pov:
Baap re, so he is he his Dad, sirf news main dekha tha aaj tak, ye toh actually khatarnaak politician lagte hai but his mom she is sweet, lekin shaadi humari, ye kya soch rahe hai.

What brings you here Mr. Srivastav Sidharth spoke and I flinched at the tone he used. Was he going to treat his parents this way, no matter what parents should be treated respectfully, what if one day Aahnik or Aadia treats us this way.... The thought just send me in splits and he is actually behaving this way but then I do the same right, no one to question him back when I don't even know the actual reason.

I hardly know him but still we crossed that boundary between us, my conscience kicking in but it didn't felt wrong, no place of guilt here, I spoke internally and sighed.

Humare bete ka ghar hai, kabhi bhi aa sakte hai hum, his Dad spoke as a matter of fact.

Oh cool aapko yaad hai ki aapka koi beta bhi hai, Sidharth spat at him and I was on his side in a minute because I could sense him getting even angrier.

Sidharth cool down, I said inter linking our fingers and rubbing his biceps from the other hand

Sweetheart you stay out of this, he spoke looking at me but I didn't bulged, can I leave him just like that if he gets angrier, no, he matters alot to me.

Uncle Aunty aap thak gye honge na please jaakar rest kijiye, I spoke and he glared me, I can take this but not him treating his parents whom he loves alot in some other way specially when I know nothing about why he treated them harshly, maybe it's just a misunderstanding and talking can finally heal them because he still has the same love in his eyes.

Beta aapka naam, his mother asked caressing my hairs and trust me I only got motherly vibes from her which I was missing from the time my own parents decided to abandon me.

Mera naam Shehnaaz, Shehnaaz Sin.... I stopped in splits of whether to reveal my full name Or not because his mother took me as his wife a few moments back but I guess revealing that I'm not is better than leading them in any other way.

Shehnaaz Sidharth Srivastav, Aapke bete ki biwi his Dad spoke before I could complete my name and my eyes got filled, just his name with mine and I felt complete, not like my original name was less in any matter, it was my identity but this feeling was so serene that all of a sudden I wanted it to be true but I know it's not and this was not me, I don't believe in naming relations but here me wanting it makes my inside churns, I felt loosing my own existence.

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