POV Calum

Let's just say never confront a person when they're going through withdrawls. Long story short Cass is fucking pissed at me... so much that she threw a punch. Not a slap, a full blown punch into my gut and told me that's how it felt. To abandoned by her friends, after apologising and making her tacos she still threw a fit. Now I'm tacoless and have lost her. I doubt she'll ever trust me again, let alone speak to me.

So I returned to school and went up to Tony and punched him. Yeah I could've made my entrance back to school better, but I was so pissed. I also dump a shake and hot fries on him, but hey I was already in trouble for leaving.

I take a sear behind Michael who smiles at me and says " You owe me a milkshake" and laughs

"yeah well, Ash says he has to leave exactly at 4 today" I say to Michael

"Oh yeah, don't worry Luke said he'd be going over."


This is gonna be a short update because shit is going down next chap!!!!!!

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