Chapter 1 ☆

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(y/n) = your name
Your age: your own age
Species: human
Appearance: your own appearance

Read the prologue first.


You were dead quiet, eyes clouded with fear while shivering from being soaked in the mud water from the forest. Thranduil looked at you from top to toe till his eyes lingered on your beautiful face before he snapped his fingers, grabbing the attention of the maids. "Escort her to the bathroom, let her take a shower. And give her clean clothes." He ordered, voice heavy with authority which made you cower in fear. "Fear no longer, young lady. You're safe with us." Thranduil said when he noticed your fearful reaction.

The maids led you to a bathroom. Meanwhile you would stare at their pointy ears which you love so much. You love elves.
One of the maids went to get you clean clothes. You stared in awe at the beautiful white colored dress she held for you in her hands. "For me...?"  You asked hopefully, asking for confirmation. The maid nodded with a warm smile. The maids put the clean and beautiful clothes, a clean and soft towel and a hair brush and hair accessoires in the bathroom for you. They mentioned you to enter the bathroom. You carefully entered the luxious bathroom.

You gasped, slightly panicking when the maids closed the bathroom door behind you.

(meaning: a time skip, but still the same day)

A scream escaped from your lips, followed by a thud sound. The maids knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you alright?!" One of them asked. You gave no reply. They slowly opened the door in concern. There they saw you laying on the floor as you had tripped over a shampoo bottle. You were still wearing your clothes, the shower was running and your hair was covered in streaks of unrubbed shampoo. You were sobbing, feeling helpless. 'Does she not know how to shower?' The maids thought.

"Interesting..." Thranduil said, weirded out by what the maids told him. "Poor girl..." He mumbled to himself. "Then you bathe her." Thranduil said. "Yes, my Lord." They said in usion.

"I did a background check on the human girl. She is mentally disabled. She is unable to do simple things such as bathing herself and dressing herself. She is like...a very young child... Take proper care of her." Thranduil said. "We will, my Lord."/"Yes, my Lord." The maids replied.

"I have to do the laundry. You're gonna take care of (y/n), right?" A red haired maid asked a fellow maid. "Yes, Maria." The other maid replied. The red haired maid named 'Maria' gave you a gentle smile before walking away. She would've loved to do your (hair color) hair, but she had so many things to do and felt tired.

You stood infront of Thranduil. Your hair was wet, messy and unbrushed, your dress was wrinkled and the buttons weren't buttoned up, your skin looked dry and your nails were broken. Thranduil's jaw clenched in annoyance as he eyed the maid. "What is this?" He hissed slightly. "Why haven't you brushed and dried her hair?", he touched your hair. "Where are the hair accessoires?" He asked, looking intimidatingly at the maid who looked scared. "Why haven't you taken care of her skin?", the back of his hand brushed against your cheek. "Why haven't you ironed the dress?", his hand trailed over your wrinkled sleeve.-"And why haven't you buttoned up the dress?"

Meanwhile the maid next to you, was apologizing over and over again, today it was mainly her job to take care of you but she failed to do so. Thranduil shot her a glare. "If anything bad happens to her due to your irresponsibility, you will pay with your life." He threatened. The maid flinched in fear and lowered her head. "Yes, my Lord."

You slowly started fiddling on the dress' buttons, trying to button them up, but you couldn't. Thranduil's eyes softened. "You seem somewhat incapable of taking care of yourself." He commented. You looked up and started feeling embarrassed. "It's alright." Thranduil quickly added. "Let me do it for you." His breath fanned your face as he slowly buttoned up your dress' buttons. Your cheeks started heating up while you stared at his beautiful eyes, long eyelashes and beautiful thick eyebrows, feeling mesmerized as your mouth was gaped open. Your eyes then focused on his pointy ears.-You love elves.

"There, all done." Thranduil said when he was done with the last button. He felt like he was talking to a very small child before his eyes accidentally landed on your chest. He looked away.

"Get maid Maria." Thranduil ordered the maid. "And you," Thranduil started, looking into the maid's eyes with a threatening glance, "If I ever see you disregard an important task as such again, then I will get rid of you. Now get out of my sight." He said. "Yes, my Lord. I understand." The maid said regretfully. She then quickly left to get Maria.

You and Thranduil are now left alone in the room.


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