♀ Chapter 1 ♀

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I've always liked girls. I first noticed this when people would desribe my personality and tastes as diffferent. 

'Maybe girls aren't supposted to like other girls'  It made sense to me (not really).

I never had a reason to be afraid. My family is very sweet and kind. My life is not that hard. Acceptable grades, good friends, good family...

Highschool was starting, me and my friends were lucky enought to stay together in the same class.

"Scoots!" a redhead greeted me from the distance.

"Hey Bloom! It's nice to see you again, how vacay went?" We hugged.

"If helping with the chores at the farm counts as vacations, then it was very stressful" Aplebloom jokingly said

."Hey girls, c'mon! It's gonna get late for school!" Two more girls walked by our side, greeting us. One of the girl wore a tiara, not sure why she still uses that.

"Comin'!!" Bloom said dragging me after her.

Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon were known as the school's bullies. However, they are just softies in the inside. We became friends with them in seventh grade, after working for a school proyect.

We entered our classroom, and sit on the chairs at the back of the room. The class was almost complete when the bell rung. The mayority of the students weren't new, so there's not a lot of surprises, it's not like  I was searching for new friends anyway. I already got mine.

"C'mon class! Let's get a warm welcome to your new classmates." Ms. Cheerilee presented the new students.

Two girls, one boy. Perfect. I don't really like to hang out with boys, so girls are fine.

One of the girls was someone called Cozyglow. She's absolutely a shorty. Her gaze was serious, like looking down to us. Well, she did smile to Ms. Cheerilee and she is very smart. So probably that's just allutions. The other girl was weird.

I mean- don't get me wrong, she is pretty and all, but something didn't add up. She only said 'Hi' with a very quiet -almost raspy- tone and would rather look to the floor than to your face. Maybe she's just too shy.

Her name was Sweetie Belle, Rarity's Belle younger sister. I knew Rarity from sight but I never chatted with her. She graduated from this school two years ago.

Sweetie Belle quickly wandered her gaze around the people in the classroom. Her eyes stopped when she spotted I think was me.


Ms. Cheerilee sat her at one of the chairs at the front of the class. Everyone could tell that she wasn't feeling very confortable with it.

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