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Ciel and [F/n] sat in Ciel's study quietly. The only noise heard was the ticking of the grandfather clock and the chirping of the birds. [F/n] looked into her lap where her hurt arm. She turned her head up so she looked at Ciel. "My Lord, I wanted to thank you for the great hospitality you've shown to a measly girl like me" she said to him. He looked to her with his usual scowl. "As heir to this family, it is my job to give my guests every luxury possible." Ciel spoke. There was more awkward scilence between the two. [F/n] gazed fell back into her lap and at her arm. Some red blood seeped through the white gause and wrap. She looked away from the slightly repulsive image of her arm and at the book case. The books lined the book case top to bottom. Coming from the middle of London, she had never seen anything like this. Ciel eyed her slightly. For some strange reason she seemed fimiliar. "My Lady if you don't mind me asking, but have we met before? You seem fimiliar." He asked furrowing his eyebrows. She looked at him with slight puzzlement. "I can't say we have" she responded "I may have seen you walking around London. That is where I live so it is a possibility". Ciel nodded as Sebastian walked into the room. He was wheeling a cart with tea and a slice of cake. At the sight of the cake, Ciel's navy blue eye lit up. As much as he tried to hide his excitement, it was crystal clear to [F/n]. She chuckled quietly and smiled. Ciel took notice to this. His cheeks turned slightly pink. Sebastian placed the cake and tea in front of Ciel. "Ahem, but Miss [F/n] I wanted to ask you if you would like to stay here at Phantomhive manor. We currently have many rooms open and would be more than happy to have such a lovely guest here." He said looking at her. She looked at him in slight surprise. "Are you curtain, my lord? You would really like to have me here?" She asked in surprise. He nodded his head in response, eyeing his cake that sat in front of his small figure. "Why then, I would be joyed to stay here!" [F/n] said with a smile. Sebastian looked at her sweet smile and blushed slightly. "Then it is settled. You will stay here" Ciel said, "Sebastian please take the Lady for a tour of the manor". Sebastian nodded in response. [F/n] then stood up, curtsied and with a smile, and left the room with Sebastian.

The two walked through the vast halls next to each other. [F/n] looked around in awe at the big house. She had never seen a place so big in her life. Sebastian thought she looked adorable as she childishly looked at everything. His face had turned slightly pink. He lead her to the kitchen, where the servants were. Mey-rin was sitting at a table with the other servants. Once they saw Sebastian they stood up. They all wore slightly scared expressions. Sebastian scoffed slightly and moved so they saw [F/n]. "Bard and Finny, this is our guest Lady [F/n]. She wil be staying with us." He told them. [F/n] gave them a small wave and a warm smile. However, Sebastian's eyes looked at Bard and Finny sternly, as if saying 'Stay the hell away from her'. They nodded and smiled nervously. Sebastian devilishly smiled at them before leading [F/n] out of the vicinity.

They now found themselves in the large garden filled with black roses. [F/n] touched the stem of one in and attempt to grab one. "Ow..." She muttered inspecting the cut that a thorn had just inflicted. The man she stood next to looked at her. He saw the blood on her finger. "My Lady please let me see your hand" he said. She gave him her hand slowly. The man took her small hand in his large palm. He brought his mouth to her index finger, licking away the blood. [F/n]'s face went a blaze. Sebastian turned her hand over so her hand was in his. He planted a kiss on the top of her hand. Sebastian came up from her hand as if nothing happened. He then picked up the flower she had tried to pick. "Let us go inside, my dear." Sebastian said bowing to her. [F/n] nodded quickly and started to rush inside.


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