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9 years ago...

The expensive mansion stood out in the amethyst-black sky. A flash of lightning briefly illuminated it as, rain thundered across the window as thunder roared through the sky, almost casting a foreboding look upon the baby.

Eleven-month-old Vanessa De Luca slept peacefully in her crib, unaware of the raging storm outside her protected bubble. As the sixth heir to the Italian Mafia, she was one of the most protected and feared children. With her dainty features and cute button nose, she stole everyone's hearts the instant she was born.

A hooded figure coated in the skin of darkness surreptitiously crept into the room, scrupulous not to wake the sleeping baby. As the figure's rough, sun-kissed hands roughly but firmly injected the baby with a strong sleeping sedative, the hood slipped off, exposing a beautiful young woman with a small scar trailing across her left eyebrow.

Amberly Siella Vacker, with red hair and ocean blue eyes, was the woman considered perfection amongst the mafia men. Not only was she a deadly assassin who showed no mercy to her innocent victims, but she was also baby Vanessa's aunt. One of the security guards burst into the room.

"I disabled the cameras for ten minutes, but ma'am, you must hurry. I-"

A sigh escaped her. "Solider, do you know what you are?" cut off Amberly. Without waiting for an answer, she continued coldly, "A traitor. Do you know what I hate more than that fucking Felicity? A traitor."

But it was okay that you were one? The thought intruded into the man's mind despite the dangerous situation.

The last thing the soldier saw was a butterfly knife flying toward him before penetrating his throat.

A second later, the guard let out a gurgled scream and fell limply on the ground as blood trickled down his mouth, his body laying motionless on the carpeted floor.

"Pathetic," Amberly grinned cruelly and then turned to her now-drugged niece.

She planned to make sure she took her sister's most precious thing from her. While Felicity De Luca loved all her six children equally but Vanessa being the only daughter and the youngest child in the Italian Mafia made her an easy target.

She gave one more glance at her niece and felt the familiar burning hate she always had when she saw the sister's children.

She made her way to the door after she wrapped the baby in a carelessly crafted bundle. But before she left, she glanced around the room one last time before the shiny gold locket engraved with the De Luca initials with the family picture in it caught her attention. Hastily, Amberly grabbed it before racing toward her black R8 Audi, which lay behind the gated walls.

Opening the gates, she prayed no one had noticed anything unusual had least until she had placed the kidnapped mafia princess in one of her secret storehouses. Making that her last thought, she drove away, taking the De Luca Princess with her...

As Amberly drove away with the kidnapped baby, she couldn't shake off the feeling of unease that had settled in her stomach. The De Luca family was not one to be trifled with, and she knew that stealing the youngest and only daughter of the family would not be taken lightly.

She had planned this for months, meticulously going over every detail in her head. But now that she had actually taken the baby, she couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for what she had done.

She knew that her sister, Felicity, would be devastated when she found out that her baby was missing.

Amberly had always been envious of Felicity. She had always been the favorite of their father, the head of the De Luca family. Felicity had been given everything she wanted, while Amberly had been left to fend for herself. But now, she had something that Felicity valued more than anything else in the world: her baby.

As the miles passed by, Amberly's guilt and unease slowly turned into determination and rage. She had done what she had to do, and she wouldn't let anyone stand in her way.

She had a plan, and she was going to see it through no matter what. She knew that the De Luca family would come looking for the baby, and she had to be ready for them. She had chosen her secret storehouse carefully, and she had made sure that it was secure and hidden from prying eyes. She would keep the baby there until she could figure out her next move.

As she drove through the storm, Amberly couldn't help but feel a sense of triumph. She had taken what she wanted, and no one could stop her. She was in control now, and she would make sure that nothing would stand in her way.

Amberly Siella Vacker had taken the De Luca princess, and she would do whatever it takes to keep her.

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