Chapter 12

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Savannah ran into her apartment. She could still hear Ross’s stunned voice calling out to her. She had ignored him and ran for dear life. God alone knew how she managed to get out of the building and scrambled into a taxi that happened to be waiting for somebody else. She had thrown some bills to the driver, shouting at him to, “Drive! Drive!” When they were a block down from her office, only then, did she give him her address. He looked in his rear view mirror, seeing the bead of perspiration on her brow, the dilated eyes and wondered whether he was transporting a burglar or a murderess. He was a foreigner, trying to make a living in the Big Apple. He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. She’d paid him enough to have an early night. He had nothing to complain about.

Savannah hastened out of the taxi, thanked the driver and closed the door. The delivery from the bakery was carefully sealed and left at her doorstep. Savannah picked it up and went inside. She shut her apartment door, making double sure it was locked. She ripped at the clothes on her body, divesting herself of every last item. She placed it into a bin liner and dumped it into the non recyclable bin. She could not look at those clothes again. It would remind her of her stupidity. She wanted no reminders of what she’d done or of Ross. She peeled her boots of and that followed into the same bin liner as her clothes. Shivering uncontrollably, she called Louise, informing her, she would meet her at her place. She did not want to be in her apartment. Ross would rock up there, she just knew it. She had to hurry and get out before he arrived.

First she had to scrub of every trace of Ross’s touch from her body. That was going to take a while she silently acknowledged with a scarlet blush, for she can’t remember a single part of her body that he had not touched. Savannah groaned in disgust. She was ashamed of herself. How could she have been so stupid?

Why? Why? Why the hell had she been so careless? Not that she could ever deny how earth shattering their explosive lovemaking had been, or the fact that she was immediately craving a second helping of his special brand of loving. You have no shame!

Now their relationship was so ruined. How could she ever look him in the eye again? She can’t continue working for Ross, not after what they had done. It was just too awkward and painful. There was only one solution. 

Ross had hastily showered at the office, cursing himself for letting Savannah escape. He was a SEAL. He should have been able to stop her! He knew she would go to her apartment, so he rushed through a shower before, taking his own car to her place. He knew she’d enjoyed their love making as much as he did. He soft groans of pleasure had spurred him on. Why did she run? Was she shy now? He smiled, thinking about how amazing she had been. What frightened Ross was his unquenched desire for her. He wanted her again. How stupid was he to think, once would rid him of his desire for her. He wanted her more now than before he’d had her. Ross got to Savannah’s apartment. He pounded on the door endlessly __ no answer. He called her mobile like fifty times, she did not pick up. Her mobile was actually switched off.

Savannah put on the performance of her life in front of her friends. On the Saturday morning, they had enjoyed a few hours of ice skating. Requiring a bit of attention, it kept Savannah’s mind occupied just for a few hours. They’d worked up an appetite. Whilst the girls enjoyed a hearty hot lunch, Savannah merely pecked at her food. She forced herself to smile brightly. They must not suspect a thing! How could she have been so stupid? How could she have made love with Ross? Whatever would her friends think especially since they made their Ross fantasies known to her in graphic detail, in no uncertain terms?

Late in the afternoon, when they had returned to their cabin, it was quiet nippy, still Savannah wanted fresh air. She craved some time alone.
‘Savannah its freezing outside,’ Louise cautioned.

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