Part 28 - That's Some Decoration!

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THEY GOT HER into the room before they gaped at the decor, Far crossed herself the man stared open-mouthed.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," were the stammered words that Pru managed.

Skylab had already seen the room but hated being there.

One book Skylab had spotted before was placed under the woman's head. Skylab rushed to the filthy bathroom for some water. Splashing it on the woman's brow, she stirred.

"Jug... Jug over there," she pointed to beneath the goat's chin.

They brought a black ceramic vessel to her; she dabbed the sticky contents to her damaged rib. At last, she could breathe again without pain.

Pru and Skylab were astounded.


"What is that stuff?"

Looking at Skylab, "Well done young lady, you even got my book," said the older lady. "It was the one on the top," said Skylab.

"No dear, the men's books are always above mine."

There was no point in arguing, so she let it drop.

"What is the book?" asked Skylab, as Pru nudged her.

"It is my bible."

Pru couldn't help herself, "It is a Satanic Bible."

"Call it what you will, there is much knowledge in there. You should read it."

The woman was now moving easier; she sat cross-legged and stretched her arms. "Your rib is nearly healed, how can that be? What was in the jug?" asked Pru.

"Please address me as Sister, we are all one big family. My cousin has certain skills. If you like, I can take you to him?"

"Who is your cousin?" asked Skylab.

"Why, Mat. The man who controls our church, our love and our future," Sister answered.

Given longer, Sister would have lovingly spent hours describing her family connection. She would have skipped the fact that her grandmother was a 'comfort woman' for the Japanese forces during the war. Mat's grandfather enjoyed one of these comforts. A daughter was born to a lady who couldn't live with the dishonour, especially when the newborn girl looked at her 'that way'. Friends and family failed to understand how she could hate the pretty little girl. It was only later they realised the truth. The child was evil. They chased her from her village. Much later she returned with a daughter of her own. The daughter was instructed to care for a young 'cousin', a male relation, who looked like a falang. Sister did exactly as she was told. Initially from a distance, she kept a close eye on his movements, even though she had been banished from Mat's home. No harm would befall the beloved boy. A schoolboy bully took to baiting the boy with fair hair. The bully was eventually found deep in the forest, tied to a tree. His naked body was dripping with wild honey. They had stung him to death. They never found the murderer.

Sister turned to face Far and the man, "You two can come with us." It was not a request, it was an order.

"Yes, Sister," they agreed.

"And you," she eyed Pru, "will see your husband and daughter." Pru gasped.

Skylab wanted to send a message to Gatts. She thought it best if her tapping went unseen.

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