I stopped my car at our post for inspection.

I couldn't help but grin as I felt the adrenaline pulsating through my veins. I love the way my fingers curled around the steering wheel, gustong gusto ko kung paano mangati ang paa ko para tapakan ang accelarator and most of all, how i whipped past all the other competitors. I can feel it. This is my day!

Though seriously? When the fck is it not my day?

I am Aramis Sobrevega and I am a champion race car driver.

I join worldwide competitions. Etong ginagawa 'kong 'to? This is a piece of cake. It's for charity and since I'm not much into charity, I'm doing this for fun.

I just wanna watch how these lowlife wannabes eat my dust.

Actually, this motherfcking race is already boring me. I can't wait for this retarded, non challenging race to be over.

And just when I was about to launch my foot on the accelerator, that's when I saw her..

Red hair dances around her heart shaped face like flame, and her eyes was so striking, it looks almost as black as her long lashes. Holy sht! Who is she?

How my eyes caught a glimpse of that woman, even if she's meters away from where my car was stationed, was beyond me. It is very rare na may babaeng makakuha ng atensyon ko, granted na napapalibutan sya ng nakaraming naghihiyawang mga kalahi ni Eba. I have my own share of women, nameless women. They come and go. But this one's different. She's got that bored look on her face and those lips.. God, that sexy pout!

"Hey man! What are you doing? Go!"

Kung hindi pa 'ko sinita ni Cov, one of my crews, hindi ko pa maaalala na nasa karera ako.

What the fck?

Agad kong pinaharurot ang sasakyan ko. That's it, kailangan nang matapos ang walang kwentang karerang to!

That girl.. I have to meet her!


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