Part 26 - We Must Do Something

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 "SKYLAB, WE CAN'T just sit here," said Pru.

"I agree, but what should we do?"

"Your police officer friend said we best stay where we are, sorry but I'll go mad waiting, we must try something."

Skylab was thinking, "What is the best course of action?" she mumbled to herself, then louder she said, "Gatts told us to stay put and wait for the local officers to uncover something, we have heard nothing and nobody from the police have visited us. I will call Gatts again."

"Skylab, sorry about this, the locals have a disaster to deal with. The river is overflowing, people's lives are at risk, all the police are getting them to safety. It will take them the rest of the night at least. Longer if the rain flow gets worse. Please stay put."

"What about Kev and Peter's lives? Are they not at risk too?"

"But we don't know where they are. Stay in the hotel. Please don't risk your life."

"Right Pru, you heard most of that. The police can do nothing to help us. What do you suggest?"

"Let's go to church?"

"That's as good a place as any, it's not too far we can walk."

They borrowed two umbrellas from the hotel and set off.

"At least the rain is warm here," Pru smiled for the first time in hours.

The rain had eased to what Pru would call a shower in England. They walked with their thoughts, Skylab missing Kev, Pru missing both husband and daughter.

"Look, over the road," Skylab pointed.

"Somebody looks injured. Is that a man or a woman?" asked Pru.

"I can't see, whoever it is, he or she is in a bad way."

"It's a woman, and she looks like she is going towards the church. We should help her," Pru urged Skylab ahead.

"Come on," said Skylab as she started running.

As quickly as she had started, she stopped. She put her arm out to stop her friend, too. "It's that woman from the church, the one with the tattoo."

"What has happened to her?" asked Pru.

They reached the church together and aided the injured woman to the door and banged. The door opened instantly. Arms were outstretched as she collapsed. They moved to the church hall. They placed a bible under her head as a pillow and they loosened her clothes, revealing a multitude of cuts and scrapes. A young churchgoer rushed to help.

They damped her brow with a dripping cloth.

"What have you done to her?" asked Far.

They remembered the young girl from earlier.

"We have done nothing, we saw her in the street," said Skylab.

"Really?" queried an old man who had joined them.

"Yes, really," answered Skylab with a raised voice.

The man was already busy on his phone. He then reported his news to the young girl and Skylab.

"No ambulances, they are all at the river bank," as he looked at Pru. "What were you doing out in this weather?" asked the man in Thai.

Pru looked at her friend for help.

"We were coming here. We saw her struggling along the path, and helped her to your door," said a calmer Skylab.

Smelling salts appeared from Far's handbag, and she wafted the bottle under the stricken woman's nose.

"Have you got a medical bag? You can start dressing her wounds," asked Skylab. "We have," nodded the man. It was clear he wasn't rushing to fetch it.

"Get it then," said Skylab again, raising her voice,

"We can't," said Far.

"Why not?"

"Because it's upstairs, they do not allow us to go up," said the man. Skylab translated for Pru.

"I'll go," the English woman stood and started towards the back of the room.

"No, no, don't go," pleaded Far.

"Do you want this woman to die because of a silly rule?" asked Skylab.

The man and the girl looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Skylab and Pru just looked at each other.

"You go Skylab, I've had first aid training, let me try stopping the blood flow."

"Please don't go," the Thais said in unison.

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