Chapter Four.

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I Know the Chapters aren't very long at the Moment but they will get longer when the drama Kicks in. ^_^

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''Hello Again.''

''I Knew you'd come around.'' He said Smugly.

''Can I Ask you something?''

''Anything, Dear.''

''Why do you Suddenly care?!''

''Suddenly, How dare you? I've always cared but..'' He Trailed off.

''But, nothing. You've always had that other family, You said you always had to work  on Christmas eve and that you couldn't make it home in time for me to open my presents, and for christmas dinner and You was with them!!''

''Sarah needed me, she was only 4 then. Imagine what it would have been like for her, if i wasn't there.''

''What about me Dad? What about what I needed? Oh that's right, It Doesn't matter to you.''

He didn't say anything.

'' I Get it  your doing this out of Pitty. I Wish I Had told mum about you, about everything! I Wish she knew what you are. A Liar!'' I Yelled loosing control of my emotions.

''That's Not the Point. Your coming. Even if I have to get the Driver to force you. Anyway Everyone misses you. Even Nolan.''

''Your lying, he's hated me since I First Visited.''

Nolan was the Boy next door, His Mother and Father were Very Close friends to 'Them'. By the Way 'Them' is My dad's snobbish famiy.

''Hunny, Are you there?''


''Calm down. A car will pick you up at 5:30pm, See you when you arrive Bye.''

The Line went dead. Sighing I Went to my room to Pack. London here I Comee... Yay... Note the Sarcasm. This is going to be Hell on earth.''

If your wondering why I didn't tell my mum about the other family. It's because I Didn't want to hurt her even more. She knew something was going on, but didn't mention anything. Untill one day he packed up all his stuff, Moved out and Filed for a Divorce.


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