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FOR A MOMENT we stared at each other in disbelief. Then our heads snapped up. In the small square of visible sky, a huge reptilian body came into view with an enormous wingspan.

Oh. My. GOD!

I gaped at the sight. Gleaming emerald in the afternoon sun, the dragon vanished from view, its huge wings carrying it away swiftly. You could still hear the sound of its wings beating. Like a helicopter, but with a different rhythm. We sat there in a stunned silence.

Holy shit.

For a moment everything felt stark, bright and overexposed; the scent of the water, the sound of Audi's panting beside my bath and the clear almost ringing silence of our astonishment.

I let out a sigh and shook my head then turned to look at Sian, wondering what she made of this. Still staring upward, her mouth open a hint.

'Sianus,' I called. She turned to stare at me her eyes glistened; totally enthralled. 'That was one heck of a spell, Siany.'

SIAN NODDED AT Cat's words, unable to get the image of that creature out of her head; so huge, so majestic, so real. And...

She couldn't think of a word adequate to describe that—the most beautiful thing she'd ever laid eyes on—the tacky line from one of her mum's romance novels sprung to mind. The reality of them now living on a foreign planet hit her and she slumped back in the bath.

A different planet. Oh Goddess, what happened? What was so different? The format had been the same, she'd used all the tools before in rituals and nothing like this had happened.

Feeling a horrible wave of despair, Sian pulled her knees up, not wanting the others to see her cry.

WE'D ALL TURNED when Sian pulled her knees up and somehow the three of us got out of our baths, drying sheets wrapped tight around our figures and crouched by Sian's bath before you could blink.

'Siany,' I could feel my own tears lump at the back of my throat when I wrapped an arm around her wet back.

'Don't cry, honey,' Kassie squeezed Sian's knee gently while she reassured her. 'I didn't mean it, what I said before. I know it's not your fault. Really, hun, please don't cry.'

Loi crouched on the other side of the bath, her head bent just touching Sian's and Audrey stood beside Loi, peering anxiously at Sian.

'I'm sorry,' Sian half sobbed. 'I don't know why it happened. And I don't know how to get us back.' She gulped then lifted her head those red rimmed eyes stared at us. 'What if we're stuck here?'

The courtyard fell silent while we avoided each others gaze. It had certainly occurred to me already. Lifting my head, I looked at Kassie.

She stared back with a determined "we'll make the best of it" look.

I nodded and looked at Loi with an arched eyebrow, she nodded too and then gave Sian's head a gentle nudge with her own. Sian lifted her head to stare morosely at us.

KASSIE SQUEEZED SIAN'S knee again and forced a bright smile, turning to Loi who tugged a lock of Sian's wet hair to get her attention.

'We'll live with it,' Loi said firmly before glancing at Kassie and Cat who nodded in agreement.

'We will, Sian.'

Cat tossed her head, the motion flicking water off her hair and lifted her chin. 'We've survived so far! Let's get to the castle and then figure out what's next. One day at a time.'

'Exactly,' chimed in Kassie. 'And just think, this is to meet our soul mates, this could get really exciting.'

The other three girls froze, jaws low as they gaped at Kassie.

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