American Idiot

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Also, I do suggest you watch the video before and I'm serious, before you read. I made some adjustments, but the only way for you to understand the adjustments is to watch. Unless you already have, then continue~

Now enjoy.


England sat quietly, alone, on his couch, drinking his cup of tea, boredly. Did I mention lonely? But anyway, as he was trying to drink his cup of tea, someone started to knock annoyingly, multiple times. He ended up having some of his tea spilled on his shirt, but he stayed calm, even if it hurt and walked over to the door. The knocking persisted and he slowly started getting annoyed.

"Keep calm, I'm coming!" He yelled to whoever it was behind the door. He knew he wasn't expecting anyone, as usual. But this was new. He put his cup of tea down and went to answer to whoever was knocking at annoying pace. Opening the door, he found America, holding an umbrella in his hands, his flag draped over it. England's heart raced as he saw him, but still kept his posture.

"What are you doing here you git?" England asked, crossing his arms.

"England! Can I like, stay by your place?" America asked, smiling brightly. "It's really cold and I won't be able to get home in time before I get like, drenched." England ended up fainting, probably due to the fact that America, out of all the people was going to stay at him home for the whole night...


"England!! Dude, wake up!" America said and England slowly woke up to find America literally in his face. He pushed him back, surprised at the sudden contact. America just grinned, "Oh, good you're awake!"

"Oh that's right... You're here." England said, half excited and half annoyed. "Why, out of all the bloody times, you come here with your fucking umbrella and flag with those stupid stars?"

"Because I missed you so much~" America replied, grinning and enveloping him into a hug, shocking England. He let go and looked at England in the eyes cutely. "So... Can I stay here?" England had no words and America considered that as a yes. "Yay!"


"Tea.. Oh how I love tea." England said, in front of a tea box, looking at it. "Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Ceylon tea..." England mumbled, but of course, his moments with his precious tea was ruined with the American storming in.

"What are you doing?" America looked at the tea bags and instead of being the reasonable person to think that they were tea bags, instead thought that they were...

"Tobacco bags!" America said, putting one into his mouth. "Awesome, I didn't know you liked tobacco!" He said, his mouth now full of tea bags.

"Wait just a minute, those aren't-" but America already has started running around in the house and England gave up. He decided his favorite tv show might be able to make him a tad bit happier.


"Can't you see it's the guy with the mustache is the culprit?!" England said to the TV, crossing his arms. America slowly went up from his hiding spot, besides England's ear.

"Whatcha watching?" America asked, looking from behind the couch where England was sitting down on. England was caught off guard and jumped, but regained himself.

"One of my favorite tv shows." America jumped into the couch, leaning against England as he ate his Lays chips. His enthusiasm slowly deflated, since the show was so boring to him. He took the remote and changed the channel to NCIS.

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