"NCIS! My favorite TV show~" America said, grinning and acting along with the characters, especially on the shooting part. "BANG BANG!" England sighed, standing up and shutting himself into the bathroom. A bath was needed during these situations.


He was finally able to relax, a bit too much since he fell asleep. America came in and grinned. "Oh, he's asleep!" America stripped down to only his boxers and went into the tub with him, putting some type of body wash in his hands and rubbing it down on England's smooth back. England slowly woke up, feeling the relaxing massage, turning around to meet America's eyes.

"You wanker! What are you doing?!" England said, suprised and covered his chest awkwardly. Thank goodness he didn't strip entirely, neither did America...

"Massaging you!" America said happily. England glared at him. "Get out."


After that awkward moment was over, England settled into bed, wearing his green tank top and darker green shorts. America came in abruptly, wearing the same clothing except in a different colour. He jumped into bed with England, who was covering his chest with a pillow.

"Can I sleep here with you?" America asked, literally on top of England, who was blushing profoundly at the positions, but luckily was on his back so America couldn't see. "Please...?" America said, begging.

"Fine you wanker!" England replied, giving up to objecting anymore. America forced him to turn over and their eyes met. America was trying to lean in closer, but England tried to push him away.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. America managed to get his mouth on England's neck, slowly licking around the area.

"W-What are you doing...?" England asked in a shaky breath, never feeling this type of contact with anybody at all. It actually felt... Really good.

"It's just the American way!" America replied, "Do you like it?" Again, England had no words and America took it as a yes. America started to kiss him passionately and England felt himself sweating and feeling slightly aroused over the contact of America's tongue commingling with his, America's hands all over the sides of his chest.

He wanted more.

But he had his pride and tried to tell America to stop, but his efforts were ignored, as America just covered England's mouth with his finger. "Shhh..." America said, licking England's neck some more before continuing on with the kisses on the lips. England let a soft moan escape him and that made America continue even slightly faster. England started to lose control of his body as he slowly enveloped America's neck with his arms, as if to say: more...please...

America obliged to do some more kisses and maybe even rubbing England's crotch just a bit, but who really knows... More moans escaped England, his pupils dialated and wanted more and more from every touch. However, America stopped suddenly and England whined, surprising himself. Was he that lonely to crave that much sexual contact?

"That was awesome dude! I finally made you crack! I'm the hero!" America said, turning off the lights. "Good night!"

England couldn't believe that it ended that quickly, but it didn't end actually.

It was more like pleasures in the dark, America was slowly doing different things to England, whether it be licking him to kissing him quite passionately. Nevertheless, England enjoyed it and felt... Different.

Then it took a turn from harmless kisses and licks to America literally taking off England's very thin and not so helpful clothing.

"W-W-What are you-" before he could say anything, he started to feel the best feeling in his entire life coming from the area that America making magic happen. He felt better than he ever felt before. It was nothing compared to the teases America was doing.

And you know what?

That was the day, England or Arthur Kirkland lost his not-so-needed virginity to a nation with impressive skills.


England woke up alone, no America in sight. He looked through his entire house, even asked his cat if he had seen America. He found a note however, that said:

I had fun dude! Maybe next time I'll come over again~


He sighed, sitting back down in his couch, preparing for tea when he found America's flag on the couch beside him. He looked at it, put it around his neck and smelled it, sighing.

Home alone once more...


I know, I know... I completely changed that end there. Surprised? Well, Evilfangirl , here's my first entry... I'm not the best at writing smut, so don't judge that harshly guys. But I'll see you in the next entry... Bye~

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