Part 25 - Can You Get Lost in a Church?

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KEV TOLD THE ladies to remain where they were, he would watch the Church building.

"Then what?" asked Skylab.

"Then I will decide what needs to be done. Don't worry, I have a phone. I won't do anything without telling you. Okay?"

The ladies both had worries. They forced themselves to think about something else. Skylab wanted to know more about motherhood. Her plan was to give Pru something else to consider. It failed badly. Pru was soon in tears about both husband and daughter. Skylab kept quiet and watched her phone. Later Pru bought two glasses of red wine. That too was wrong, as Skylab shouldn't drink as she was pregnant. Pru drank both glasses and felt slightly better. It wasn't long before she was crying again. This time Skylab's answer was food. They enjoyed Thai snacks, if not smiling at least the tears had stopped.

Unlike Mat's luxury saloon, Kev's borrowed vehicle was common, he pulled up and parked under a drooping mango tree; it did not completely hide the truck. Kev had a choice. Was it better to get soaked and have to stand up for what could be hours or sit comfortably dry in Dam's car. For Kev, there was no choice. He released the chair catch and reclined the back, and made himself comfortable.

He texted Skylab, "Nothing to report."

Kev then noticed what looked like a man leave the church and disappear down a side street.

Inside Mat threw a long black cloak to Peter, "Put that on."

The church's front door opened, Kev was immediately alert. The lady with the goat on her arm led a black-dressed colleague past Kev without glancing at him. Then three people dressed in black, plus a fair-haired male walked casually in the opposite direction, as a black Mercedes came into view. Kev guessed the first man to leave the church must have been the driver. He could not see clearly, he was straining to catch any movement.

Suddenly there was a loud noise followed by hammering. Kev caught sight of a goat tattoo flash on the windscreen, an overweight woman had clambered onto the bonnet of the truck, she was screeching and thumping her fists against the glass. Although his attention was distracted, Kev noticed the Merc was pulling away from the kerb.

In a second, Kev chased the fast saloon, even if it made the woman fall into the road. He had to follow the Mercedes.

Zig-zagging down the road trying to dislodge the woman, the car weaved across the road aiming to loosen her grip; it was as if she had octopus suckers holding her position. Kev struggled to see past her, knowing he must not lose the car in front.

Kev decided to make a drastic move. He swerved onto a high kerb. The truck was used to the rough terrain of a building site; the woman was not. Kev glimpsed a goat as the woman hit the top of the windscreen and careered over the roof. The driver twisted his head but saw no more of the 'Christian'. He didn't give her another thought as he raced after the Mercedes.

"We don't want to make it too easy for him," laughed Mat.

"What are you up to?" asked Peter.

They wedged Peter between two black-clad men, with another in the passenger seat. "Don't worry about what I'm up to. I have plenty to keep me busy, don't fret," the driver said, "However, you are not making my task any quicker."

"And my daughter? What are you doing to her? Let her go, do what you will with me."

"Ahha, how touching. Debbie can go whenever she chooses. She is with me, and under no pressure to stay, it's up to her. It seems she enjoys my company."

A distraught Peter's head dropped into his hands. He then began praying. His travelling companions chuckled at him.

The leading car turned off its lights and made a sharp right turn into the woods. The unmade road was slippery, the car skidded, Mat knew the road well, he soon straightened with mud spraying behind. He was nearing the cave.

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