Part 23 - At Last

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"DEBBIE, I THINK we need a shower... together, what do you say?" Mat panted gently. "Let's go!" panted Debbie, fiercer than Mat.

Arm in arm, they raced to the car.

The Mercedes leapt from puddle to puddle, Mat careless of the splashing water. He was driving way above the speed limit in his rush to get home.

Debbie pulled her man up the stairs. Soon bubbles and scent filled the bathroom. Mat was ready. He carried a dripping girl to his bed.

Now the bed was theirs.

Sweating, Mat laid back and stretched his arms. Debbie hugged him and purred. Following young lovers' small talk, Mat admired the artwork on his palm. He was now ready to take his plan to the next stage. He remained deep in thought; it was thirty minutes before he broke the quiet.

"We will need another stillborn girl, the one we have is rotting too soon."

"Back to Hua Hin again?" asked a weary Debbie.

"No, the police will be watching. But, don't worry. A baby is coming to us."

It confused Debbie, "I can't get pregnant just like that."

"No, I mean the baby is near already. Soon we will have it."

A puzzled Debbie decided it was best not to carry on asking questions. She would find out eventually. She needed to rest and think about the orgasm she had enjoyed.

Outside, a police officer saw the dark car and made a note of its registration number and the address. At the end of his shift, he would report it to his boss.

Back at the hotel, Peter was explaining his concerns over the goat's head.

He said, "The Nazis believed they had racial superiority because of a doctrine called World Ice Theory. Hitler adopted this as the party's official cosmology."

Peter was in full flow, remembering his philosophy degree, "The demented leaders of the Nazi party said divine sperm from aliens created the white 'Aryan' man from space and he did not evolve like the rest of us."

He halted in his speech, judging their reactions. Skylab was struggling to keep up with his speech. She would ask Kev or better still Google it.

Peter carried on and said, "The Nazis extended the theory to suggest Jesus Christ was a white Aryan with the same blood. Hitler was a big believer in the supernatural and occult, as was his deputy, Rudolf Hess, who hired an astrologer to draw up his horoscopes. Staggering isn't it, some people still hold those thoughts."

He paused.

"If you are interested, I can send you some information that the church sends out from time to time?"

Kev was thinking back to the leaflets given out by the National Front at football matches. He remembered seeing goat's heads, unsure of the significance.

It didn't take long for Peter to start again, "Hitler asked Himmler to find evidence witches had existed and had been hunted to death by the Jews to justify the Nazi hatred of Jewish people."

Peter was in full flow, "A group set up the SS witch division, led by Heinrich Himmler, and it searched all over eastern Europe and throughout the Second World War for evidence that witches referred to as 'wise women' were persecuted through a Jewish-Catholic inquisition. I wonder if the goat lady is a wise woman?" he snorted.

The vicar let that sink in with his audience.

Peter was winding up his speech, "The SS division alleged the witches had been of 'pure German blood'. Himmler was convinced witches had once been rife in eastern Europe, and not only in folklore. Skylab, do you have witches in Thailand? Have they got my daughter?"

Shocked by the question, but after some thought, Skylab answered, "I have seen movies and read English stories about witches with warts on their noses. So no, we don't have witches like that. We have fortune tellers, and we have women who conjure up spells. Are they what you call witches?"

Kev was nodding, "There are plenty of witches here," he said with a grin. "Present company omitted."

Pru asked, "Do Thai witches make potions or give lucky amulets?" Both Skylab and Kev nodded.

"Has our daughter fallen prey to them?" Pru started weeping. Peter put his arm around his wife, trying to console her.

Kev spoke up, "We are looking for a man with an expensive car. Why are we talking about witches?"

Kev knew he had spoken too soon, Skylab wasted no time in putting her feelings across, "We have children missing, we have fathers who have lost their minds... and a British girl goes missing with a witch connection. Do you think there is no link?"

"The babies disappeared from Hua Hin."

"Yes, but their fathers came in this direction."

"But found in Bangkok," stated Kev.

Skylab sighed.

"Enough of the bickering, I want to check out that church," stated Peter. "I'm with my husband."

"And I'm with them," agreed Skylab.

"Okay, okay. What shall we do next?" a defeated Kev asked.

"Why don't we just sit outside and see what happens?" said Pru.

"It looks like people live there, perhaps they have other meetings in the week? We do at my church," said Peter.

"Give it another hour, it will be dark then. All agreed?" asked Kev.

"Who were you talking to?" Debbie muttered as she lay back, relaxed for the first time since she had met Mat.

"Just asking our car genius, Om, he has to be ready for another job."

"He is a loyal servant to you."

"He is, he has arranged transport to our 'visitors' and has sold on all the vehicles used. What a salesperson," Mat chuckled.

Debbie stroked Mat's chin, hoping for a replay of the earlier excitement. Unfortunately, Mat had other things on his mind.

"I will reward him with a power he can't imagine. He has done so much without question and has not breathed a word about me, even to that slow thinking girlfriend of his," stated Mat.

Debbie rolled over on her back and studied the ceiling with a sigh.

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