1. Snow

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Year: 2017 (flashback)

Heavy snowfall could be seen from the corner of the steamed window. The sun had set behind the clouds long ago. Despite the cold outside, the inside of the bar seemed warm. The sound of the people's laughs could be heard from outside.

Outside the bar, a woman with a scarf and hat wrapped around her head was approaching the building with heavy steps through the snow. The wind was waving the corner of the woman's scarf, but it seemed that her attention was on something else. She approached the door and pushed it open with her hands still in her pockets. The hall smelled like sadness and sorrow.

The woman moved towards the bar table without paying attention to the wandering curses on the bar's ceiling or the ones hanging from peoples' necks and shoulders. She untied her scarf, pulled out the chair closest to her, and sat down.

The bartender approached the woman while wiping his hands with a towel and placing it over his shoulder. She ordered her drink without even looking at the bartender while folding her scarf. The bartender whispered "tch" and walked away, but it didn't matter to the woman.

After putting her scarf on the table, she turned her head, and immediately her gaze fell to the white-haired man sitting two chairs away.

The man was leaning his hand on the table, staring at his drink. It was effortless for the woman to realize that he was drowning in his thoughts. However, she expected to see him laughing and talking to several women, but he wasn't even smiling.

The man drank his drink at once and shifted slightly in his chair. His legs fell to the ground, knees bent, but before he fell off the chair, he grabbed the corner of the table with his other hand and sat down on the chair again. He raised his hand, and a tired voice came out of his mouth. "Hey dear Mr. bartender...". He shook his glass.

The bartender approached and refilled his glass, and he immediately retook the sip.

The man didn't know how to continue his life. It was just the day before he had taken the life of his best friend with his own hands. Others thought he was a hero, but he knew there was no honor in being 'the honored one.'

He looked at his hands in disgust. He closed his eyes and covered his face with them. What has he done?

The woman turned her gaze to her drink. He seemed utterly drunk and, of course, had no control over his powers. 'It will be easier than I thought,' She thought to herself.

So she drank the rest of her drink and got up after putting some money on the table and smiling dryly at the bartender. She was so fucking tired of herself and her job.

The woman wrapped the scarf around her neck again, and while arranging her coat with one hand, she held the knife's handle in her pocket with the other.

'It's just a job, it's just a job, it's just a job, and I hate this fucking job,' She whispered to herself.

She slowly approached the man and put her hand on his shoulder to turn him around and finish her job. But suddenly, after touching the man, a massive amount of sadness, pain, regret, and loneliness flowed into the woman's heart. She subconsciously removed her hand from his shoulder and took a few steps back while placing her hand on her own heart.

Her heart ached. 'So even the most carefree sorcerers can be sad,' she chuckled to herself.

The man turned his head and, with his head tilted to one side, looked at the woman's emotionless face. Her face reminded him of the past. A past where everything had not yet fallen apart. Who was she?

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