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"I understand that." I agree.

"What's everyone else's thoughts?" Owen asks, his voice back to his usual calm, confident, demanding self.

"Whatever my Sang Baby wants."

"I'll do it. But I'll always class every single child you produce as my own, Trouble."

"I'm in." Luke grins and sends me a wink.

"Same as what Gabe said, Peanut."

"Whatever my Pookie wants." Sean sends me a flirty smile and wink.

"I agree." Kota says. "But I also agree with Gabe. Every child you have is my own."

"I agree too, Princess." Victor says. "Whatever you want." I meet his fire eyes and give him a grin. He has no idea. How he doesn’t see it I don't know. He frowns at my grin. "What's getting you to smile like that, Princess?" All I do is nod my head to Sophia who is crawling over to Luke and then Isabella who’s chewing on a teething toy. Victor’s face looks a bit dumbstruck as his eyes dance between our daughters. He looks back at me. "How can you tell?"

"They have your eyes." I say. Smiling. "Your fire eyes."

And that's how the conversation went. Owen declared that we'd do things my way as long as things are kept the way they are already with the girls and River. I left two minutes later leaving the boys to argue over the best 'swimmers'.

A couple of weeks after that I made someone decide who would not have to buy condoms for the time being and who would. I wasn't making the decision on choosing because to me it meant choosing who I like best out of the guys. Eventually they drew straws. I quickly fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl with serious blue eyes and reddish/brown hair. The girl version of my Honey.

I'm pulled away from the past when I hear footsteps coming into the kitchen where I'm baking cookies. Lifting my gaze to the floor I can't help the smile that comes across my face when Victor walks in. I frown at what he's wearing which is a baggy V-neck t-shirt and a pair of jeans. So un-Victor like. "Why are you wearing that?" I ask.

Victor stalks around the kitchen island to me. He places a kiss on my forehead. "A mission, Princess. Don't worry."
If they tell me not to worry, I usually do but I trust them too, that's what built this family together. Trust and love. "Okay." I simply say.

I watch as he saunters over to the fridge and grabs himself a carton of apple juice and pours himself a glass. When his fire eyes meet mine over the rim of his glass they blaze at the realization that I'm watching him. Removing the glass from his lips he smirks at me. "What?"

I shake my head. "It's amazing after all these years I still look at you in awe and fascination, taking in every movement you do, word you speak and look you send." I blush at admitting this. After eighteen years together you would have thought I would be used to saying what's on my mind, the truth but I'm not. I like the fact they can still make me blush.

"I thank myself every day for jumping on you in Kota's bed." Victor says. I laugh at the memory. "Anyway, I better get going, Princess. Mr. B will be back soon with the girls and River." He kisses my cheek and walks out the room. I can't believe after all these years the guys still call Owen Mr. Blackbourne.

I go back to mixing the dough for the cookies, letting my mind wander off again to the day I found out I was pregnant again on Lillie's second birthday.

I had been feeling queasy for a couple of weeks so I went to Sean and asked him for the test that he kept in his room. He winked at me when he handed it to me and said. "So...Gabe's swimmers have worked?"

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