Chapter One

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Sang POV

I sit up straight in bed as I felt my stomach clench. This is the third time this week this has happened. I'm not sure why it keeps happening but it's starting to get ridiculous now. I wish Sean was here, but unfortunately he isn't as he, Kota, Nathan and Luke have gone on an assignment out of Charleston. They should be arriving home in two days and I can't wait to see them.

I groan as my mouth starts to water and my stomach clenches again. That makes me climb over North, which causes him to grunt as I climb out of bed and run into my bathroom.  I had just lifted the lid when I emptied my stomach.

I startle a little when I feel a cool wash cloth go into my forehead and a hand stroking my back as I continue to empty my stomach from last night’s dinner of Steak, new potatoes and salad. The thought of eating it now makes my stomach clench again.

"Maybe we should call Dr. Green." Silas says, his hand running up and down my back. He pauses for a moment and starts drawing little circles before rubbing his hand up and down again.

"I'm on it." North grunts before he leaves the room.

I pull away from the toilet and rest back against Silas' chest. His arms come around my waist, being careful to not hold me too tight, most probably frightened I'll throw up again. He kisses my temple. "Sleep, Aggele Mou." I don't try and fight my sleepy eyes.

North POV

I pick up my phone ignoring the numbers that state the time because I know it's fucking early because the sun hasn't come up yet. I find Dr. Green’s number and dial. I'm not sure what's wrong with Sang, probably a stomach bug I hope but this is the third time it's happened this week and only in the morning. The rest of the day she's perfectly fucking fine, she looks a little tired, but that’s it. She's eating, drinking plenty and still goes for her morning session in the gym downstairs in our large house that we brought a few months ago.

"North, what's wrong? It's 3:35am." Dr. Green's sleepy, husky voice comes down the phone, pulling me away from my thoughts and the image of Sang in short bright pink shorts and a pink sports bra as she runs on the treadmill soaking wet with sweat. My dick starts throbbing.

Cleaning my throat I say. "It's Sang. It's the third time this week she's woken up and was sick. I don't know what's wrong with her."

Doc is silent for a moment before saying. "How has she been over the last couple of weeks?"

I frown but answer his question. Silas and I have been the main ones with her for two weeks. The others have been out on assignments here and there and pop in when they can. Dr. Green, Luke, Kota and Nate are out of Charleston at the moment. "She looks tired, but is still eating and drinking plenty. She's still going for her daily workouts. But Doc, it's only been these last few days where she wakes up and throws up in the toilet then she'll go back to sleep and continue on with her day like nothing happened."

The bathroom door opens and I see Silas coming out, cradling a sleeping Sang in his arms. My heart swells with love at the sight of my brother and the love of my life.

"North, I need you to go into Sang's bathroom, in the second draw near the sink you'll see a pink round container. Can you go find it?"

I tell him I will and leave Sang's room and go into her bathroom. The bathroom is white and a soft pink with a walk in shower and a large bathtub. She's has two sinks and beside that is a toothbrush holder with ten toothbrushes, each in our colors. I go to the drawer Doc said to look in. Inside are lip glosses, clips and hair bands and a few other womanly things that I have brought plenty of over the last few years when I knew Sang would be getting her period. Then something triggers in my head. I haven't been to the store this month. Nor did I go last month. Myself, Gabe and Doc are normally the only ones who notice these things. "Doc, did you go to the store for Sang last month?" I ask.

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