The Truth

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The door slams open. Ella gathers all the strength she can before stomping into her home.

It looks normal, unbothered. That is until Ella makes her way into the living room.

She rounds the corner and enters, only to find her husband, seemingly unconscious.

She doesn't run towards him, she knows what will happen if she does.

"Okay sister, you've made your point. Release Michael and let's talk as siblings." She attempts to say this without wary.

But she's hurting, Ella was always worried that Elise would come after Michael. So she tethered his soul to hers. As long as she lives, he will be fine. But if Elise gets the upper hand, then they're all shit out of luck

"Aha," a laugh sounds from across the room before Elise comes out from hiding, "It's lovely to see you again, dear sister."

"Now you stop this Elise. Give me Michael and let's call it square—"

"Call it square?" She questions, "all that you've done to me...taken from me! You wish to call it square? Oh no my dear. I am here to do what I should have done a long time ago." She says before grinning and slowly raising her hands above her head.

Her eyes begin to beam black, soulless, her hair carry's itself with the wind that Elise has surrounded herself in.

Ella knows this attack, she tries to gather strength but in a swift moment Elise releases the loudest, ear curdling sound she's ever heard in her life.

The sound carry's through the self made wind and throws Ella back forcefully into a wall.

Her head smack against the wall, causing a crack to resound throughout the house.

She falls to the ground, unconscious.

Elise calms herself, her eyes returning to their natural green color. Her dark hair slithers down her back.

And she stumbles, trying to reach her sisters body. She's extorted too much energy.

She coughs into her hand, blood trickles down.

She spits the residual blood that resides in her mouth as she finally reaches her twin.

"You're not dead you insolent bitch! Wake up! Where is the girl!?" Elise yells into her sisters face

No response is given to her.

Elise falls upon her knees and grips the collar of her sisters coat.

"Where. is. she?" She seethes

But again, there's no response.

"You can't be dead Ella! Stop this! Wake up!" She yells

"Et alioquin interficiemus te!" A voice yells from behind her

When she goes to see who or what, Michael has already thrown his hand to the side and thrown Elise out of the house.

He rushes to lift Ella from the ground and hurries towards the basement.

Elise falls harshly onto the cement. She stands and smirks.

"Oh my sweet sister, transferring yourself into your husband right before the hit? Clever you are." She chuckles before disappearing


"You still haven't found the damn door?!" Michael yells to the three imbeciles rushing around the basement.

At the snap of a finger the door reveals itself and opens.

Michael hurriedly rushes through it before Felix, Seena and You follow through.

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