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"Well this is the first time on-call room sex worked out for us." It was several minutes later, that Mark and Natalie hid in an on-call room. Still oblivious to whatever was happening around them. 

"Oh, it worked out really well." Mark chuckled and laid on his side, supporting himself by his elbow so he could look at Natalie. "Wanna go again?"


"Okay, okay, I'll stop." He chuckled and laid a kiss on her shoulder.

"I was going to say yes, but since you don't want to." She said in a serious tone, but then started laughing as Mark looked at her annoyed.

"You think you can laugh at me and I won't do anything about it?" Mark threatened her and went to climb on top of her again.

But then their pagers started going out. "Okay, you can do something about it another time."

After they dressed, they walked out of the room and they saw people crying around them. They weren't sure what was going on. But they were about to find out.

"Who's George?" The woman that was saved from getting hit by the bus, walked up to them since she knew them as the man's doctors.

"What?" Natalie asked her.

"John Doe, the guy who threw me out of the way of the bus, saved my life. Everyone's crying and saying, 'John Doe is George.' Who's George?"

Mark and Natalie exchanged a look and then they rushed down at the ICU, finally learning what had happened that night.

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"He wrote in my hand." Meredith explained how she knew that the man who was brain dead after the accident, was George.

"What do you mean he wrote? What did he do?" Bailey asked her.

"He grabbed my hand and squeezed it and he wrote with his finger." Meredith explained further as everyone around her looked at her confused. No one wanted to believe that she was right. No one wanted to believe that George was dead.

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