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Alessia's pov

I was waiting for all of my brothers in the car parking lot of school.

Our teacher ended our class 15 minutes early because he got some important work.

So i decided to stand near the car and wait for my brothers.

Everyone was giving me sweet smiles while going out except some.

It has been one week since tanner and zeus came home.

We all enjoy everyday with the whole family.

Today I decided to wear something really cute.

Bubby and everyone said that I looked very pretty.


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heard a sound come from the bushes nearby.

I decided to look what was there.

What if someone needed help.

I went up to the bushes and searched through.

Suddenly a small cute kitty jumped on me out of nowhere.

I gasped.

The kitty was very pretty and small.

I don't even know if the kitty is male or female.

I don't know.

I giggled.

Oops silly me.

" Aww kitty why are you here all alone" I asked the kitty in a sweet voice.

The kitty just purred.

Maybe he is a male.

"If I leave you here then you will be all alone" I muttered sadly for the poor kitty.

The kitty purred again and went in the pocket of my hoodie and snuggled there.

I cooed at him.

Maybe I should take him home with me.

But tanner, harley and zeus are also there.

It will be like a zoo.

I giggled again at the thought.

I tried to pick up the kitty in my arms but he whined.

The kitty slept peacefully in my pocket.

I stood up and skipped to the car.

My brothers soon came.

I ran up to them and hugged all of them but carefully not to hurt the kitty.

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