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Pen Your Pride

Kylies P.O.V.-

You and your boyfriend of two years, Harry Styles, just got into an argument that left you walking out of the fllat you two shared in tears. Your were in you pajamas beacuse it was 10:00 pm! But all of a sudden you felt the erge to run, you had nowhere to go but you just wanted to get away from him! Many thoughts were going through head. Like "Why did I trust him again , its the second time he cheated on me for HER,  and why did he even DUMP HER FOR ME IF HES JUST GONNA GO BACK TO HER! I suddenly knew wre i was gonna go. I went to the cemetary. I walked up to my sisters grave and told her EVERYTHING! I knew she couldnt answer but it was comforting and I needed to know there was someone who i could trust. I put my back agenst the grave and drifted into to a restless sleep. 

Harrys P.O.V-

I feel horrible! I have to find her, wait what am I saying I need to find her! I cant live without her! Now shes been gone for over an hour! I l know I was wrong but she came onto me!   And I know thats not and exuse but im a guy and shes hot and i was depressed! Her name was Caroline Sashoo. But Kylie is the love of my life and Caroline was just a fling. I cant help but smile everytime I think or am near Kylie . I need to find her now! As I leave the house I lock the door. Now I start to panic I start sprinting up and down streets screaming at the top of my lungs KYLIE I NEED YOU PLEASE COME HOME PLEASE I LOVE YOU! No answer just the occasional yelling at me to shut up but i would yell at me two its 12:00 am and im screaming! Then it hit me when Kylies sad she vistits her sister Keirstin at her grave! I sprint my fastest there. I sprint all the way to Keirstins grave and she was there! But she was asleep! So I picked her up and carried her home but the whole time i wisper sung in her ear little things . When we get to the door I bring her too our or her or my  bedroom I honestly  dont know anymore but anyway i sat her down and I slept on the couch i didnt want to make her uncomfortable.

Kylies P.O.V.- 

I wake up in a bed! Im so scared! I know i fell asleep at Keirsteins grave.  I get up and race to the door. Then I relize im in an all to firmiliar room. Mine and Harrys. UGGGH todays gonna be long! Maybe not that bad, I do love him.... and grrr i dont know! I love him but I dont wanna feel like I have to sleep at a grave again! I dont know what to do!

Harrys P.O.V.-

As im making breakfast I see my brunnet beauty come down the stairs. Nows the time i have to tell her I love her. She comes down and stands next to me. I turn to her and say " Kylie I love you okay I love you so so so much"! She just stood there a stared. Crap! I just screwed up this relationship didnt I!! " Kylie, dont feel obligated to say it back i just needed to say it to let you know thats how i feel oh god your gonna leave me now arent y~ She cut me off with her lips to mine. The best way to be cut off! 

Kylies P.O.V-

"I love yo too harry and i wanna just stay in your arms today" And i stayed in them for the rest of the day!

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