A teenager's guide to freedom

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Hey bitches
Hey nuggets

Sleep deprivation

That about explains us, right? :)

Okay nuggets, today I am going to *attempt to* be helpful to all of you teenagers out there with a guide book

Okay so now, Imma tell you, imma be real nah, ok? Yah hear meh??

What you will need to survive
(Aka essentials)

Now I'm going to go into detail
1. You need confidence, I know that it is not easy to be very confident but I have realized that people are just people... Just people! What's so scary about that? So try to be confident in front of them :)

2. SAVE MONEY!! Take my advice on this one... I'm broke as hell so

3. Ok so you can choose for this one: a diary: either to write down your feelings (it really helps) or use it to write down your events coming up or when to study
Or use it as both ;)

4. Don't be doing da nasty while you are young because you will "fall pregnant and die!!"
Mean Girls quote
But if you need to be gross, then at least be safe and use protection :)
I'm just kidding!

5. This is very important, by having gum on you at school
You: make new friends by maybe giving them gum and you will smell good too

6. People say that it's bad to have an attitude but you need to have an attitude so that people can't just walk all over you

7. Time. Build a time machine! That is the only advice I have for you on this one...

Byeee <3

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