Part 21 - A Surprise for Debbie

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"MAT, WHERE ARE the children?"

Debbie was expecting Mat's fury in response to her questioning. Instead, she was greeted with a huge smile.

"I would wait until we finished with Fred, but I should show you now. Follow me."

Debbie pretended to be shocked that Mat moved the rock at the back.

"I didn't realise you were so strong!" she said.

"Don't pretend, I know you've seen me go through here before."

His words stumped Debbie.

"No problem, I was always going to show you soon enough."

The fibreglass lump moved to one side, allowing Debbie a look inside.

"God, Jesus Christ Almighty, Mat, what is this?"

"I'd prefer you didn't use those names. I understand your shock. Impressive, yes?"

"Wow, I don't know what to say."

They both ducked through the gap and walked ahead into the cavern.

"How high is the ceiling?"

"It is 100 feet at the highest but appears less because of the stalactites."

"I get confused between stalactites and stalagmites?"

"Stalactites, with C equals ceiling. Stalagmites, with G equals ground. Easy," said Mat, the proud teacher.

Ahead was a forest of rocky fingers pointing up and down. There was a route through, and Mat led the way ahead, moving left and right on the shadowy pathway. He made his way upward until they reached an opening.

"Oh, Mat, it is even more beautiful."

She gaped at the brighter, golden lit cavern.

Free of both stalactites and stalagmites, they were standing in a pyramid-shaped 'room'.

"But how?"

"I was led here."

"Led? By who?"

"The Prince of Darkness, many years ago, he was leading a guided tour in my dream."

Before Debbie could question him further, he presented her with another shock. In front of her stood a raised platform, on the lowest step was two live but silent girls, only their eyes moved. The third female body was not moving its eyes.

"That one is rotting too soon, we will need a fresher body." Mats said, mainly to himself.

The baby's heads touched in the shape of a triangle. Above them on a raised stage was a boy, sitting, his eyes watching everything.

"Who is that? Where did he come from? I've only seen girls," Debbie asked. "That is my son. His name is Şeytanoğlu."

A straight-faced Mat answered.

"Your son," screamed Debbie.

"Yes," answered a stern Mat.

"And you would not mention that you had a son?"

"He is my business."

"What about his mother?"

"She is nothing."

"She is a mother missing her son!"

"I doubt it," said Mat.

Debbie was trying to find the words she needed. Mat stepped closer to the shaking girl. He put his hands out and clasped her wrists. Her knees buckled, and she collapsed in a heap. The baby boy smiled.

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